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Dreamhannel prof. Mart Pleaded was sentenced, sentenced to 40 years in prison

This couple in Mercedes, CA, has coconut milk, methamphetamine,
According to the Justice Department, the United States can send marijuana through various newspapers on the web market.

Jarim Manson, 32, and his friend Soda D. Monson, 39, were arrested Jan. 17 in the United States. He took me to the test.

From July 2018 to January this year
The best soldiers buy crazy traps and crazy traps
Duck House on the Dark Web site

Rice pleaded guilty to charges against Monson
Provide management tools for five to 40 years
Fifty thousand are fines and fines.

Monson of Saudi Arabia asked for help
Travel rules are limited to email and Internet only.
Food and up to 250,000 years in prison
And all this too.

The couple also agreed to use cryptocurrency funds for applications including bitcoins and bitcoins.

The department has begun an investigation
National Security, FBI, Drug Enforcement Agency and
DON’T do it. Looking for a service.

The suspects will return to court in April. Jaber Monson was more than 40 years in prison
He was sentenced to five years in prison with a $ 5,000 fine. Saudi Arabia does not owe much
He was sentenced to five years in prison with a $ 250 fine.

Full details USO

Jabri Monson, 32, of Merced, Sacramento, California, today confessed to plotting to distribute controlled substances.
Sodia Monson, 39, of Mercedes Sales, also said she broke the rules on email and internet travel.
McGregor W. Scott, an American drug dealer, was quoted by the American lawyer.

According to court documents, Jabari Monson and Sodia Monson will work with several consultants from July 2018 to January 2019.
List Dream Market of the black market Dream Market, which sells cocaine, cocaine, methamphetamine and cannabis.

Under the cleaning agreement, the suspects secretly distribute the products.
Includes Bitcoin and Bitcoin currencies.

The case is the result of a study conducted by the Federal Institute for Public Investigation
USA How. Provide customer service b. Robin and Paul Hemstead were good Americans. That’s it. The Attorney
Solve the case.

The US attorney will record the prosecution of the defendants in this case. That’s it. John District Attorney a. Mendes November
19. Monsanto is required
40 years in prison, five years of hard work and a $ 5 million fine. I would have run out of gold
He will serve a five-year prison term of up to $ 250,000. So far, a good deal has been decided
The decisions of the court. It was considered the right course and direction
They provide a candidate.

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