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Dream Fentanyl seller Chemsus Plywood guilty

darknet Dream Fentanyl seller Chemsus Plywood guilty
Darknet Dream Fentanyl seller Chemsus Plywood guilty

Updated July 27, 2019

Full description of the USAO:

Jeffrey S. Berman, United States, New York, Casey;
A / k / a Chems_usa, a / k / chemical, / k / a Jagger109 convicted of money laundering and contributions today
Plan to implement diving, fentanyl and fentanyl on dark networks, including amphibians and a 0. CASTRO admits a crystal record
loss of more than $ 4 million. Castro pleaded not guilty before a US district court.
Dennis L. coat

WE. He. Ambassador to Manhattan, Jeffrey S. Burman: impressed
Today, Richard Castro announces the Dark Network
Main opioids, including fentanyl and
Karf Entanil Castro thought he could hide his “anonymity”.
Use the images available online to treat chemotherapy and most medications
Thank you Chem_Remov our racing partner Chem_remov
Then to the American prison.

According to the lawsuit, RICHARD is against it
CASTRO confessed to the court and stated in court:

CASTRO is a distribution partner from November 2015 to March 2019
carpentanil, fentanyl or phenylphentanil (fentanyl analogue).
Fentanyl is a stronger synthetic opioid
About 100 tablets of heroin and carpentanil look like fentanyl
Times stronger than fentanyl. For most temples, it is CASTRO
Its founders interacted with drugs over the dark internet through monicars
Chemsusa, Chems_usa and Chimica_usa. Castro a
He is an armed leader and accomplice. One of darkness
Online market Dream Market, CASTRO can be very proud
More than 3,200 transactions in other Internet markets
1800 on AlphaBay. For Chemsus customers
Very strict and of course says Karf and Karfente
In summary, it works amazingly well.

He said that in June 2018 CASTRO used Chemsus ammunition
In which customers do business on the black market and the Internet
Requests to buy drugs are only accepted by encrypted mail.
To find email addresses outside the market, Chems_usa declined
Customers pay. The matter was settled by the secret service
Speed up, get encrypted email addresses and sign up
CASTRO CASTRO manager Luis Fernandez removed the drug
On behalf of the prosecution, including New York.

CASTRO customers pay for this bitcoin. The cast is deleted
Drugs continue in many ways, including the arrest of millions
Dollar through a bitcoin wallet and about 100 purchases
Four billion Zimbabwean festivals, including prizes.

His request was that Castro be arrested under the terms of the agreement
7,156,198.18 in seven variants or currencies
Bitcoin address walls.

* *

Richard Castro, 36, agrees with Windermere, Florida
They dispersed and dispersed
Carfentanil, phenyl fentanyl – three levels of control.
Fentanyl spent less than 10 years in prison
Extreme arrests and executions. More money
This is a theft built in 20 years
The sanctions imposed by Congress have been largely lifted
This is the purpose of knowledge as punishment
The accused will be convicted. Arrest
In front of the court, on August 25, 2019, at 14:00. On the 30th.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was applauded.
State Insurance Office, New York Police Department
That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Thank you, Burma
Home financing. Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office
The way to help.

Office costs are borne by the pharmaceutical unit.
U.S. Attorney Michael D. Nef, Ellen R. Piso, i
Ryan B. Finkel oversees the trial.

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