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DNS providers with unknown logs

darknet DNS providers with unknown logs
Darknet DNS providers with unknown logs

In fact, there are no restrictions on DNS service providers. I need pages
Download quickly, it should be protected, provide full privacy, etc. However, not all DNS providers support this.

Although the search speed is faster, you do not know whether the website or IP address is secure and supports DNS requests.
Enter or not. Therefore, it is important to choose the best DNS provider that will prevent your browser from registering.
The date or question you entered. You can request confidential information from many of these providers. Some are shown here:

[A brief explanation of the reasons
It is important to find a DNS provider who, for example, does not record user questions. 1. FreeDNS [

As the name suggests, this is a free DNS server. FreeDNS guarantees that it does not support registration. they
Accept here that your ISP has access to the IP address assigned to your server and access time.
URL, you may be redirected to a page that you have not visited. Select to change the assigned IP address with the assigned user
FreeDNS, you are securely protected because only real pages are open and your request has not been saved.

1. Bex [

This DNS firmly believes in the freedom of all users. For this reason, their convenience is natural. DNA gives it time
The ability to select from two unique IP addresses is called a DNS reliever. Users can access the management system
Their mechanical contact work. In addition to the more popular Windows and Mac operating systems, there are also open source
systems such as Linux.
DSS Tracking Service. Their site will give you a detailed step-by-step guide through the registration process

1. DNS Connection [

The DSS Service in Denmark is managed by a person who is outside your personal interests. This feature provides different IP
Danish Articles. For those of you looking for the best DNS options for people in the area, DSN is a great choice.

General characteristics of DNA service providers
[In fact, this is not a limitation
Each of the domain name providers expects some common features from these DNS services
They are the same as above, not all of them allow to keep records of requests entered by the user.
General secret. All services are offered free of charge. However, those who wish to participate can participate online
You will need to contact this situation. They are responsible for the cost of maintaining the site and the availability of
services. Some
There are already sponsors who support them.

Available to all
Another aspect is that the DNA provider simplifies the registration as described above. This is clear here
Devices for different operating systems and different processes. These operations are relatively simple,
Not only technically, nobody saw him.

Learn more about free DNS requirements
If you want to know why all of these problems occur, change the IP address for your DNS provider.
After running the query and saving it to the server, here is a brief description. The general parallel diagrams are the same,
Phone number.

Each call receives a unique number that can be identified by the home user or the home user.
Offices, wives and bosses cannot join these names. Ask for the real number.
This is the same principle as the Internet. Popular sites like Google are numbered
Also known as an Internet Protocol (or IP) address. That way, the computer will recognize your request and send it
Required network address It is therefore very important to have a secure DNS provider that is not connected.

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