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Deputies seized SilkRoad Pharmville and seized $ 19 million

Updated on July 20, 2019

The government seized 19 to 19 million bitcoins for drug trafficking
A cryptocurrency in a dark place called Slack Road.

The announcement was made by a law firm in the southern part of New York
Hugh Brian Hanei, 60, was arrested Thursday on charges of kidnapping near Columbus, Ohio. 2017 2018: Eczema
He explained that the money he earned through the Silk Road was transferred to an account with a company affiliated with bitcoin
When exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “Mining is a source of bitcoin,” he said.

Honey is accused of money laundering and aggravated offenses.
Possession is punished. The last point is a maximum of 20 years in prison, the last – a maximum of 10 years

Angel M. Melendez, Special Representative of the Government of Investigation Institute (HSI). A simple HSI solution is based on
Find and buy 200 200 million dollar bitcoins
South of New York

Special rules of USO:

F. F. Barney, Federal Chief Prosecutor in New York South Area, Angel M. Melendez
New York United States Department of Migration and Customs Enforcement
(HSI) Huff said Brian Han was arrested and accused of fraud.
Illegal drugs and other illegal drugs,
Services are usually bought and sold by the site and users. Hainan was arrested this morning in Columbus, Ohio
The graduate student is preparing a report from South Ohio.

The US office closed Circus Road as a matter of law.
Online trading for illegal drugs, theft and other illegal activities. More
Hao Hani used Silk Street to sell drugs to people around the world. Then he said his powers fell
More than $ 10 billion of arrests today should act as a warning in the pharmaceutical industry
They may not be protected at all, especially when they try to explain their treatment deficiencies.

Silk Road was closed in 2013, causing a cyber attack, Mr Melendez said.
Criminals are looking for ways to carry out criminal activities, and mostly get illegal digital money. Ak
He is probably one of the criminals who still has a golden internet environment. Special HSI funds use blockchain
Running the honey out of the dark shadow of the trap analyzed and judged the 19 million Brits found and abused.
The southern region.

As evidenced by the dismissal appeal today

Silk Road was created as a network crime market that goes to the implementation of state law. All right
Silk road operations can be completed using encryption. Two and a half years
Silk road operations are used by thousands of drug dealers and other illegal dealers to distribute hundreds of miles.
Learn more about illegal drugs and other illegal goods and services to more than 100,000 customers and hundreds of millions of
This site has generated more than $ 9.5 million in these illegal businesses.

The largest drug dealer in Silk Road was named Farmville. Farmville operators provide communities with gluten-free grains
Among those who regularly use illegal drugs. Agents and drug control agencies did some work
Oversees oxytocin purchases in Fenville in 2011 and 2012.
In 2018, HSI agents met at HANEIs home in Ohio and Hanei
Farmville is engaged in a major drug trade on the Silk Road.

The Silk Road system is also integrated with the Bitcoin exchange system, so it should be accessible to the user.
Document online. The Silk Road was built by merchants who want to sell their products for silk medicines.
Site location and Bitcoin information related to your Silk Track account. Something with the client
Customers provided by users can send Bitcoins by sharing them with the user
Bitcoin buyers on the Silk Road send their messages along the Silk Road to settle Bitcoin similar to Bitcoin.
Eliminate marketing security issues.

In 2017 and 2018, Honey continued drug addiction at Farmville.
Silk Road is the history of the company (set 1) dealing with Bitcoin and money laundering. Colour
In the data with company 1, Chen explains why they are Bitcoins.
How do you make a new Bitcoin from a person I meet online or something else?
In fact, this was achieved by switching from the Bitcoin silk track. Bitcoin after HANEY exchange before 19
Thanks to billions of dollars, HSI has stolen money from regulators as part of legal attacks.
Bank (Bank-1) is located in southern New York.


60-year-old Honey from Columbus, Ohio, was charged with money laundering and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
The one year imprisonment is a measure of the economic value of criminal matters.
10 years in prison, probably in this case
This is mandatory for information and all police officers are advised by a judge.

Mr Berman praised the HSI study.

The case is being handled by money laundering funds and the International Criminal Court. American assistant
Lawyer Samuel L. Raymondes, Terra M. La Moretta is in charge of the dispute.

The trial is only a trial and is considered innocent and safe until the defendant is found guilty.

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