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Data breach: Truecaller harms personal data prevents personal data

Updated July 1, 201

If you’re a true color user, you probably have one or two people to worry about. We have access to millions of triple users
It is distributed online and parts of it are available directly for sale on the Dark Web.
Information, among other things.

According to the Times of Economics, personal information packages include telephone information
Email tracking numbers and e-mail are available in personal and dark online forums.
Mobile phone user information is available worldwide for 2,000,000 users
India’s personal information, 60-70 out of 10 million mobile phone users. This sugar was sold in 2000.

to go
It is a Swedish information technology security company that has discovered this problem
An anonymous copy of the personal information was obtained.
ET is available for sale in your study data
Customers have their own terms and conditions
Mobile phone service providers do not have their own unique ID.

A Swedish company that has been researching for many years
I also found many inconsistencies
The debtor.

However, Truecaller denied all information
Its content is safe for all users of Truecaller.
There are no general records for individuals
Information about financial information in the database. In short
Truecaller is an interactive book worldwide
Payment options in India through temporary payment (UPI).

With the information stored on the server secure, you can be sure that this attack will not occur. We are crying
Learn about the safety of your users. These studies continue
Astrologer announced that it has announced a new code of ethics to prioritize future exams.

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