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Darknet traders on Huntington Beach sentenced to 15 years in federal prison

darknet Darknet traders on Huntington Beach sentenced to 15 years in federal prison
Darknet Darknet traders on Huntington Beach sentenced to 15 years in federal prison

A 65-year-old man has been convicted of distributing several drugs sold in a power outage on Huntington Beach.
On Thursday, he will face up to 15 years in prison for his role in the legal role of methamphetamine.

Prosecutors said William Thomas Glarner III was sentenced to ten years in prison and a life sentence.

He was arrested in March after a state investigator said he had filed two complaints.
It contains 121.4 grams of methamphetamine, packaged in Los Angeles
On January 19, according to Alamitos and Cypress FedEx at headquarters
Southern action.

On March 14, the Glarners found the car
A bag containing more than three kilograms is a white substance
He was later found drunk. As for digital pricing
Scales, used film, unused polyethylene bags and rubber gloves, everything
Marked as packaging material and compatible packaging
Medication depends on the possible cause of the episode
Internal security researcher.

In May, a federal judge in Santa Ana found Glenner guilty of two counts.
Distribution of methamphetamine and number one
Legal records show that they have decided to share the drugs.

Gellner’s son, William Billy Glenn IV, 34, was convicted of distributing methamphetamine May 1, 17 in Irvine.

Young Gliner agreed to give the medicine
Posted by several black web vendors and clients
Prosecutors say US Postal Service and trade unions say

As part of the investigation of his children, the great Glianer was beaten
Words. According to him, he works as a postman in carpet distribution

Giller Junior test. Scheduled for November 4, he was sentenced to less than ten years in prison and imprisonment.
State prison.

Full press release for the United States [

> Santa Ana, California. Tonight a man on Huntington Beach. He was sentenced to 180 months in prison for his membership
Father and son began working illegally with methamphetamine in the world’s largest drug markets.

William Thomas Glenner, 65, was convicted by a US regional judge. David O. Carter Gulner was sentenced to life imprisonment and
life imprisonment.
Converts sentence and prison into a prison cell.

After a four-day trial in federal court in June, Kleiner was charged with selling methamphetamine.
Based on the evidence provided in the process, methamphetamine packages, including packages for Darknet users, were identified.
On March 14, a search warrant issued by Kleiner and his car weighed more than 1.4 kilograms.

The term obscure Internet refers to a computer network that uses the Internet as part of that Internet. But it does provide more
anonymity than it impresses service providers
Sales of goods and services, sales of illicit drugs, for example, changes in exchange for virtual currency.

Kleiner was identified in the black web by the son of William Thomas Kleiner IV.
Irwin, a 34-year-old cat, is accused of deliberately selling methamphetamine.
Son of old Gulner, supplier of methamphetamine.

In the agreement, Gulner IV admitted to using at least three names to hide his true identity from the black Internet.
Tour Search has a dark network engine that sells more than 1,500 restricted items.

Gellner IV believes that it buys drugs from many sources and also supplies Darknet drugs to customers around the world.
Use services such as the United States. Postal and business relations services. The test instructions are made on the website.
Because of his car, on March 14, law enforcement officers seized 2.5 pounds of methamphetamine, according to a court order
Clinic IV ensures that some of these medications are included in the prescription medication.

Gellner IV will be tried on Nov. 4 at the same time they face 10 years.
Federal imprisonment and life imprisonment.

White studied the subject. . In the United States on security education and law enforcement
Postal Research Service. Lahara police station supports the investigation, according to the Costa Mara Police Department.
Brea Police, Cyprus Police and North Caucasus Medical Center, North Dakota. this book
Supported by the staff of the Organized Crime Unit (OCDETF).

U.S. attorneys hear the case. Puneet V. Kakkar and Kathy Yu of International Medicine.
Fundraising and competitive distribution.

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