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Darknet regrets Spanish police

darknet Darknet regrets Spanish police
Darknet Darknet regrets Spanish police

Updated on july 18 2019

Spanish police recently counted thousands of euros in counterfeit money.
Also for sale in the countryside and Darnet. She described it as the best performance ever
It is recorded in the history of the country.

Officials say members will continue internal operations
Tenerife, Spain. They use very good networks
Just enter the assets 10 or 20 euros
7,500 a month.

Europol, in cooperation with the Spanish state police, is investigating this case. The study began in 2018 shortly after Tenerife
The bank is increasing the number of counterfeit currencies. She said
The police operating in the Malala operation found files there
Europe tour.

Police searched the house they thought was his headquarters
Regime. All four were arrested on counterfeit euro banknotes
000 over 17,000 were downloaded. You also have a lot of talent
Printing machines that can create documents and licenses
Object. The laptop and cell phone were confiscated but not yet confiscated
Throughout the procedure.

Experts in the printing process said modern technologies and materials have led to repairs.
High quality articles like legal documents. This is amazing, especially given the huge investment
After the task. All of this allowed them to work temporarily without the law

In a statement after the arrest, Europol said it would help
Financing through financing and evaluation
Technical support from the beginning. You have also created a mobile workstation
They regularly monitor every suspect.

A Europol spokesman said they had done little
It is his duty to work in euros if necessary
President of the European Union. The role they play
Including the exchange of information and data
Experts, future studies and crime analysis. They secured the funds
And the scientific support of all utilities
If you don’t have an EU.

In many other cases, there is counterfeit money
Made in the European Union. Austrian police stopped issuing fake invoices
A boutique in Lebanon last June. Police report
The owner of the store has made different colored pieces
For 10,000 tickets, sell in the Dark Network
It was sold to people all over Europe.

Earlier this year, he said Europe was illegal
At that time, Polish police attacked a printing house in Gladensk
I think he will spend 50 counterfeit coins. Law enforcement officer
The company said the store owner sold notes in the store
The dark side of the European Union. To participate …
One or two years of great glory.

More than 300 properties were damaged in more than a dozen cases
European Union countries, Cyprus, Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands,
Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. As a result, 235
The suspects were arrested from November to December. Arrested employee
1500 in cash, limited medicines, computers and smartphones, devices,
Bitcoin and printing house.

In a statement, Queen Zemartz said the group’s work was a “common achievement”.
The authorities were effective at the expense of all traders
Fake bank in a dark network

Citizens were warned by Spanish police
The EU has issued guidelines for differentiating false claims
Under license.

The European Central Bank has also called on citizens
Learn psychology, learn colors, know their existence, shed tears
Method. The bank further stated that the notes were strong and offensive
In some places the actual writing is worse than others. The real color
Light is compressed and visually visible
Images and storage stickers are near the center. When writing a sentence a
The face of Europe can be found in gold
The color number indicates the effect of light on the screen.

Locals are asked to be vigilant when they watch fake campaigns.

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Darknet Materials DarkNet Dictionary!

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