Updated September 22th 2021

Darknet Markets List 2021

Darknet markets are the name of the hidden portions of the World Wide Web that is not accessible with a traditional web browser or through the use of web directories. The DarkNet is comprised of a collection of networks and web services, including Tor networks, I2P (Internet anonymously hosted protocol), and PayPal. It is possible to conduct business in this marketplace without ever leaving the safety and security of your home or office. All transactions, payment information, and browsing activities are handled through the Tor network. While some users claim that DarkNet is dangerous because there is no way to ascertain the legality of a transaction or the credibility of the website before completing it, other users suggest that it is very easy to utilize and is safe for all users.

Dark Web Market NameOnion URL
1. White House MarketOnion Link
2. Torrez MarketOnion Link
3. Versus MarketOnion Link
Dark0de MarketOnion Link
Corona MarketOnion Link
Canada HQ MarketOnion Link
Dark Fox MarketOnion Link
Vice City MarketOnion Link
Aurora MarketOnion Link
ASEAN (ASAP) MarketOnion Link
Cannazon MarketOnion Link
Cannahome MarketOnion Link
Dream MarketN/A
Deep Sea MarketOnion Link
Hydra MarketOnion Link
Big Blue MarketOnion Link
Hyper MarketOnion Link
Monopoly MarketOnion URL
Dark Marketseized

Darknet Markets Overview

DarkNet markets are similar to the more popular online bingo and poker rooms on the Internet. However, instead of playing a game through an Internet browser like you would at a land based casino, you play in this virtual casino from a darknet web site. While there is still a small group of people who partake in online gambling, many more users focus their activities on DarkNet markets and online money exchanging. The DarkNet is also used for a variety of other activities such as identity theft, child pornography, drug sales, and even human organ transplants. The only way to verify if a transaction is legal or illegal is to visit the website directly. DarkNet transactions are taxed, meaning that they do not require financial institution intervention or a credit check.

Darknet Onion Markets

Recently, I heard from a source who purchased some dark web drug markets and did not want to get scammed. He explained that he had purchased three dark web drug markets using PayPal, and each was linked to a separate webpage. He also said that he had two certificates and two folders on his computer. The buyer had no idea that the PayPal links were live links that allowed him to make purchases with a credit card. When I investigated, it turned out that he was actually buying a digital goods marketplace.