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Darknestats allegedly hacked the dark.file

darknet Darknestats allegedly hacked the dark.file
Darknet Darknestats allegedly hacked the dark.file

Updated July 22, 2019

Hi everyone, John Marsh is the manager and owner of Darknets. Today I think I have to tell you the news
I tried our website yesterday. We are broken Ah yes right. It was unexpected for us. Me
You are not ready for such situations. I think it’s good for our audience to see the difference in the script.
We will take further measures / strategies.

As you know, we are a new website that has the purpose of web browsing. Me
It started as a short-term project in early May. A few weeks later we saw a big surge that led to it
Decide to build your project full time. This is why we are constantly adding new features and content for a really good profit.
Traffic volume. The decision to do the project full-time has already been made, he continued, spreading the word.
by reddit.

Obstacles to Reddit
We started the awareness campaign for Reddit. All known sub-creditors accepted our requests and gave us the right to publish them
It was so exciting for us. We started taking magazines. Our site received a lot of traffic
When you are born again, you know that good deeds are always lost. Everything was fine because of the movement, but an organized
campaign against him was launched
We have a lot of reddit accounts. We started thinking about what was going on.

the study
As a new website that intends to change our website, we started thinking about who criticized us at the conference. greeting
At first I thought it was LE. But when I started collecting the written material, it was lost. The problem is
It changed in a few hours.

God is
After researching all the copies and editing all the comments, each post tells itself.
Darkness disappears with color. I wonder why he refers to the failure of darkness every time he writes
The situation seemed to be going well when I was scared of the meeting and started the first sequence. Not immediately ignored
I also listed Darknetstats. Remember this was my first message and what we thought
There may be a connection between failure and fear. Returning to talk, he did a good job after discovering the darkness
To us for oppression.

Things didn’t end there, it became weird, shocking and painful at that time, it wasn’t ready for us.

Try it
I checked my email that day and received a happy message that it was sent directly by a black group.

Threat information [terrorist information
To our surprise, the language used was ugly. We were told to shut down the internet. We are
He responds firmly and refuses to accept his feelings.

Our replies [Our replies to our threatening email address
This is the message we received

Darkfail statement [Darkfile now responds
Now I dont want to tell you: I dont want to ruin that surprise. In response, we did not respond to your email. the letter. A day
later our website crashed
I dont know why, so we kept in touch with our reception center. See photo

[Letter of support from DOS web service provider [
The article provides detailed information about the attack on our DOS website, namely. Y. Doz Attack demonstrates its ability to
destroy our website. We have become a system
Make it our Doplock backup service. This eliminates the DDO attack and replaces our online site. Save? Not much

The last one
Then I got an email via Darkfile, this time Def Threat. This is probably the strongest message for us.

Deadly death in just a few hours on our site
Disable. This time it wasn’t like that, so I knew right away that we were doomed.

The solution for administrators is for the dark team to delete our information. It is always frustrating for us.
Such a thing. For a private or anonymous employee, this is the most important thing that has ever happened. But luckily we came
Because there is always a database, for us this is not a disadvantage, but a waste of time.

On the other hand, it helps us strengthen, deepen, be proud, expand, and expand.
Agents will never go deep into our society.

Thank you for your love and support. I promise my team will not disappoint me.

Thanks, hey, John Marsh

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