Updated September 24th 2021

The Dark Fox market URL is the domain name for a fake website that was created in January 2021 and promoted as an online marketplace where users can purchase and trade in illegal items. The DarkNet is a part of the Tor Network, a system that is part of the network of free web pages known as the onion. Users of the Dark Fox are able to browse the site without having to expose their IP or reveal any other identifying information. The website is hosted on what is known as a Tor hidden server, which act just like a normal website, but the users are unable to view the website address directly. Rather, they have to visit the address and enter a user name and password before being able to access the products.

One of the more interesting features of the DarkNet is that the website is able to operate in what is called a “hidden” manner. This means that instead of having the actual IP address included in the URL (which would essentially make the site blacklisted), it is instead incorporated within the binary portion of the page, which means that no one will be able to tell that the website exists until they visit. A link to the site, however, can still be found within the “links” section of the browser’s address bar. This means that anyone looking to use a Tor client to access the DarkFox marketplace could potentially expose their identity to the market.

There is no evidence so far to suggest whether or not the DarkFox marketplace is linked to any illicit activity. Some law enforcement sources have suggested that the website could be used as a way of stealing financial data. However, there are also several forums online where people are discussing the website and its usefulness. Many users have expressed surprise at how well the site functions, despite the warnings of some forum members who state that the marketplace could be exploited by those looking to steal personal details. Despite this, the popularity of the site has remained high and many users continue to buy and sell goods on the dark web.

  • Marketplace url: LINK
  • Corona Market Alternative links: N/A

STATUS: Up & Working Fine

NameDark Fox Market
EstablishedAround June-2020
Main urlLINK
Support Multisig
Security Issues
Active WarningsNone
2 Factor Authentication
Finalize EarlyAllowed
Vendor Bond$100
Forced Vendor PgpYes
Total Listings2.5k (As of Aug, 2020)
Business volume (weekly)N/A
Current StatusActive

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