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Dark Father of the Dark Web

darknet Dark Father of the Dark Web
Darknet Dark Father of the Dark Web

Dark red, millions of people who could sell online, and more than 10,000 types of medicines that could be sold online.

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[Full scale
God’s will
Will Nsonson: AARP: The whole scam last week.

There are tables that show me 171,000 people who have signed up for this condition and 171,000 people.
people there because there is no reason to be honest.

I was stealing from someone I know and I don’t know. I was a sinner at the time.

Will Johnson: Call us this week to get the best AARP news. I’m Johnson, I’m here
My colleagues Frank Abagnale represent the AARP fraud network. Frank, how are you?
Frank Abagnal: I’ll be back, I hope, thank you

Will Johnson: Frank, I think I can do a camera in With If Can Can. Have you ever thought about that?
whole or just me?

Frank Abagnal: I didn’t think about it,

Wilson Johnson: You can make another 40 years of your life.

Frank Abgnal: Yes.

Johnson: Yes? I don’t know who will play this role, but I think Leonardo may return, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Our podcast is scheduled, so we will launch the Black WebTalk program. The black network is cybercrime
Live with wax, drugs, weapons, social security number, his name. Dow Shields, ANP account control expert
See them all on the dark website.

Doug Scadell: The black network tried
Find more anonymous communication channels for your employees. And that’s why they developed this software
Andy Router, TORT or R, who needs access to the dark internet, but soon the perpetrator will start seeing it,
And since fans of this technology, let’s wait, can we talk anonymously? I’m trying
That. This is a good idea because we want to sell a lot of drugs. Eight percent of the black side’s criminal activity is drugs
Trafficking in human beings … Here are all the drugs you can sell on black networks. There may come digital purchases and sales
Luggage. This is your digital identity and my digital identity. What is a digital identity? Your social security product
Number, personal data.

Willie Johnson: Go to the dark website and find out how it all started, how it worked and where it came from.
We went to Brad Johnson’s spring. Many people today believe that Brett designed a black website. He was a blast
Brad’s life changed. He uses his experience with the FBI, secret services and direct public advice.
Private companies are fighting cybercrime.

I would sit with Brett and we would talk for 90 minutes, and after the chat it was perfect.
There are plenty of female toys in this series of shows. But Brett has some good words to help us in.
The ideas are simpler.

Meet me

Johnson: The Secret Service calls you to be the first layer of Internet.

Brett Johnson: Yes. Dont brag about the title, but they say.


, Maybe there are people
Those who wear it and know more.

Johnson: In the end for them. This is because he installed one of the first places.
What if I can call from the store?

Brett Johnson: Yes, of course

Will Johnson: Business, it’s bad.

Brett Johnson: Yes, I founded the internet, the first cybercrime organization. This is for the shadow class
Former director Dark Net market focuses on cybercrime technology.

Will Johnson: Brett Johnson was born in Kentucky. He described his mother as a leader of theft
No matter where he grew up, he stole 800,000 carmpillar weapons, made a fuss, and walked into the store.
Listen to the Master.

Bryant Johnson: He is violent, I think he could be physical, but his words are more interesting.
Psychologically, he didn’t care. This would leave me and my sister alone for several days. From that moment he was far from his
father, therefore his father
I wasn’t there, but actually, when I was 10, I had 9 sisters. My mom had been gone for a few days. We don’t eat at home. in the
same way
A child who is always nosy from being a mother will return. You know why I stand, I look out, the windows come out, I go in
Follow the path and see that he’s coming home, so I’m always scared and confused. Dennis, one year old, is young
9 He was, he was the only son. This is her lover. So they stayed there for a few days. One day Dennis enters
At home, he took a basket with pig flowers. I love it, where did you do it? So I surrounded her. I was
Paramatma shows how you find it.

Nixon: Brett claims that his criminal life began at the age of 10. Brett, his sister and mother started
Buy and steal together.

Brett Johnson: I don’t want anyone to blame my parents for my adult choice. What is ours
My choice was to break the law.

] It’s also eccentric: it actually has something to do with the environment. I tell you, but I do
You can’t really look good and you’ve worked to the limit without eating. Who
Must have

Brett Johnson: Yes, of course not.

Johnson: So do you remember the first time you entered the computer?

Brett Johnson: The first computer was the Texas Instruments TI-994A. My age is 11 years old
time. This is basically a good video engine. Most importantly, I found it first
Internet, maybe 94, 95.

Johnson: This is a very good question, didn’t he finally join the world outside the East?

Brett Johnson: So, I came to computers and everything. I don’t know much about her.

Music Dog

Will Johnson: One of the first British breaches to be sold to a blue elephant
Ask eBay for 1,500 for a blue elephant. He continued to sell football to liars in 1996. Read on
The way small satellite and cable systems can break, customers can add ways they want to pay. In contrast, Brett
Cybercrime hits the world.

Since you always talk about questions, you are a genius, you can do great things.

Brett Johnson: Yeah.

Will Johnson: hello. I would love to do it, but have you ever thought about it or made it easy to think
You can escape when you’re young.

Brett Johnson: That helps, but I think it has a negative impact on mom and dad. I certainly will
Your negative feelings. He has to be a dad, he wants you to be my mom because he is all-encompassing.
The answer, and the man didn’t ask, but he took it. Don’t talk to me and my sister,
You still want it, but you keep going. Business never ends. Then I got used to it
I think it’s grown. I didn’t want them, so I went. I don’t want to lose someone important to me,
I’m not at the place I wanted to go, I did. I don’t want to open it. It’s me
I want to make sure I’m still there. So I’m a model that looks like a wallpaper
I brought her. I even got an idea and it was nice to see it washed. It’s me
He will take away my sins.

Johnson: And you can sexually harass others fail.

Brett Johnson: First of all, no. Yes, yes, I did
Think about it: if you make a mistake online and have a different opinion, you won’t see it.
Adults This is what happens when you look at information on the Internet to cut off contact with people.
But the counselor who helped me break most of the rules.

Johnson: When did the black net start? Then start your first online store. I didn’t jump
Go out?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, no.

Johnson: Does the black net work?

[In particular,
He later became a business and now has his own farm. I was in the 90s and 96s
I’m selling a fake satellite card, right? I have to make money now that I have decided it is almost 97
Requires incorrect identification. I don’t know where the fake ID came from, so I have to, I’m on the internet, I’m looking, I
People give ID cards, I send pictures, I send 200 to 200. Everything is alright? I was angry. I was angry. you
He started looking for someone who really understood who I was. I have not seen. As he got closer, I called myself
Artificial library and only visitors make false ratings. But he created a forum, but he didnt
Someone is using it, so I went to the forum and have to complain that it explodes every day
This is a fake ID. So he introduced himself to the two people. One is called Belzhab, Hatch
The Saskatchewan native has another son in Los Angeles. Mr. X.

Johnson: What is Golem Fun?

Brett Johnson: My name is Golem Entertainment.

Johnson: Did you see? Do you worship God?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’ll call. Yes, I am. That’s why I want to apply to Beelzebub
For activating your username. So one day he sent an announcement to ICQ just like Gollum.
I was able to get you DNI. How’s it going? That’s what happened, and yes, he did, and I’ll do it again. ko,
He offered her, but he said, “I don’t want to, I’ll give you $ 200
For you, if you want to work online, people have to trust. It looks like, like
You know what your friends and bosses are. I want to tell you something
I’ll send you $ 200 and send it here after you pull me out. So when I sent $ 200, I sent a photo of one or two
A week or two later, I got the Indian name from Steven Schweck. So far Beelzebul has worked
He wants to sell his ID, he has a damn thing, he wants me to buy his proverbial
This work is part of the process. Then he kissed me on the spot and asked.
Can I register for this event? Yes, they are. So I sent out an error and Beelzebub asked me.
This needs to be understood in the text, and how it works. You can ask the questions as you see them
You can learn from what you see. Kind of like me. Let’s go. I started doing this,
We will only be notified because there is no other site.

Johnson: I’m going to ask him. This is so

Brett Johnson: This is the first seat, you go out.

Johnson and Johnson: Do you want to shop?

Brett Johnson: I’m looking at the product.

Will Johnson: They are all leaving.

Brett Johnson: Anyone with a fake ID will get a fake ID.

Jason: And is everything bad or bad, or is it really a business?

Brett Johnson: How’s the legal business?

Will: Like a T-shirt

Brett Johnson: No, no, no.

Will Johnson: Its a possible breed.

Brett Johnson: Yeah, all things are wrong. And if there is one, there must be one
Ask other leaders to buy into this industry and test it out. The same credit card will be available with your ID
If one does this.

Free open

Johnson: Last but not least, Brett worked with a group of Ukrainians, called Planet Carder. Shared
Credit card debt and Brett are able to pay off.

Brett Johnson: He turns around when he works with us when we go into the shadows of a person,
Stouch Crew is a modern pioneer on the Darknet Market.

Will Johnson: Brett worked on the site for three years and added 1,000,000 members.

Brett Johnson: A friend who knows what he’s doing can make $ 30-40,000 a month from stolen items.
Purchasing product cards and cash.

Will Johnson: They finally found a way to encode magnetic tapes on a fake credit card.
Withdrawals from ATMs Which brings a lot of money.

Brett Johnson: He’s starting to steal $ 300-40,000 a month instead of $ 0-40,000,000.

Johnson: You make a lot of money at ATMs, right?

Brett Johnson: Sure.

Johnson: Open another thread

Brett Johnson: This is your letter.

Will Johnson: But in 2001, Brett slowly began to see law enforcement on the scene.

Let’s say this is the SOB I created for this case called internet theft or tax theft.

Will Johnson: This is an expert.

Brett Johnson: You disagree, so if you look now, they have to pay taxes on you.
Power, identity theft. I think he should be. This guy I started with. Um, yeah, I know, so I know the truth. So yes
It is me. I was blown away and at one point I stole 160,000 a week.

Will Johnson: That’s right.

Brett Johnson: Do it and do it

Johnson: What makes you sad now?

Brett Johnson: Yes, I’m angry. I dread being in prison for 30 years and his journey

Will Johnson: That’s right. Are you making more money now?

Brett Johnson: I did something, I stole a lot of bills. HM, avoid taxes, heart
In Cardin’s business, his average income is between $ 30,000 and $ 40,000 per month. The income tax on fraud has increased. Tax
I stole $ 1,000 a year and 10 months.

Jason: So, you put all that money in the bedroom?

Brett Johnson: When I first started, I kept all of the money in the bank. And this is one of the bars in Jansport
The unit cost 20 for this is $ 1,000 when driving the class. Where have I been?
OK, and when you get to the port in six minutes, the ID report starts on Sunday.
On Wednesday, 8 hours a day, the rate of return will be 200 USD per week, after which 200, 800% will be allocated cash. I’m too
late for Thursday, so to speak
At the ATM level, my money starts at ATMs on a Friday or Saturday morning.
And there is nothing to lose at the ATM for 20 weeks. Come Sunday; Almost all the money is spent on fashion
I also have a shop and a farm in Charleston, South Carolina, and my husband and I have a bank account
Locked in an empty room, I still have the bank, which has 100,000 bags.

The texts

It will be Johnson: I ask you when it will all start with these ATM trips, or maybe right.
Maybe more time, not only for your credit card number, but also for weapons and drugs?

Brett Johnson: I have three shadows of crew. And these rules are not wrong
No money, no drugs, no child pornography. And we never do child pornography. Hi, the production of drugs or weapons has started
Loudly, because she works with a guy Greg or Beret. Unfortunately they work together in a factory. Mister
He was able to pull out a gun without a serial number and sell 2,000 pops. We are.
The next medication was my second trainer, I always wanted to recommend medications. Well, last time
Shadow crew The first thing we got was the sale of Asteros. So we have people for whom this seed is 400,000
When the chaos happened, we had people selling cannabis and possibly cocaine.

Will Johnson: U.S. intelligence arrested 33 human secrets for six hours on October 26, 2004. It’s wide
Only one man swam. But not for long. This law came into force in 2005.

Brett Johnson: What happened was that I was in Charleston, South Carolina, to release UPS tools.
Bring some money, bring a CODE. Then I called the driver and said, my name is: I know
There is a package. He looked at me and handed me a package. I thought I returned $ 23 and sent it to them.
The FBI and Charleston, with a shot from the South Carolina Department of Homeland Security, are following me.


Nsonson: Brett visits Secret Service while sitting in county jail. Discover how to deal with them. one
Gone are the days when people could work well in the dark on the Internet.

Brett Johnson: I’m a man tonight, I have $ 30, once I went to leave the Minister of Hope
He stayed in an apartment at the Walmart Hotel and bought a payment card to pay for tax fraud. I worked for him
I spent 10 months and every day, it was 10 months, I denied the crime.

Melium Helium

Johnson: Brett is under arrest. But try to go back in time and break the rules. Vegas it
then he headed to Orlando, Disney World, where every day he tried to dive into the parks. But he was arrested again, rejected.
arrested, sentenced to 16 months.

Brett Johnson: White employees start sending people, if they don’t have a criminal record,
to send people like me to an American camp, that is, of course, you can work in a real prison
All. I worked without a thief and spent six weeks, with only one day. I’m the only one
My classmates tossed a wallet with their ID cards and left. Yes, they are 300 kilometers.
While American mud does this and waits for other Ukrainians, I know the hand is valuable
My. They didnt. Yes, I was arrested and went to Texas.

Johnson: Do they have to hide everything?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, you’ve seen me now. That means I have deep red hair. I have big red skin
All other things. Yes, I didnt see everything.

Johnson wants it: but they know it.

Brett Johnson: They did. – They did this.

Will Johnson: So when Brett returns to prison, he’s surprised that his father isn’t alive.

Brett Johnson: My father went to the county and arrested me. There is a prison in this area
In 10 minutes. He asked me, “Can you do something?” He asked. I like it too, my brother, I say goodbye.
Past. So that was Denise in Kentucky and Denise in North Carolina, 7 hours away and she talked to him.
Denise, pregnant, got in the car and went 7 hours to see me in 10 minutes to say she loved me. Yes father
After I was deported, I was arrested for eight months and detained in Texas, where I could not see him.
Five more years. Oh, two years have passed and I realize my existence
Prison and in my mind, not because I did it to help people, but because I was determined to break the law.

Johnson: Don’t souls only see with their hands?

Brett Johnson: Yes, lots of people go round and round because prison is boring,
If you are not in a cruel situation like yourself, you have time for things other than thinking. The way you reach your place now
You accept what you have done or get angry and blame someone for it. I am lucky
I accept what I do. And so, I came in 2011 and violated the nonsense law. But if he leaves
You will be released from prison with a carrier. I tested myself in less than three years and I could not touch them
DC This is the only thing I can do, first press the grass with my hand and I am happy to do it. I have $ 400 a year
I’ve been doing this for a week and I’ve done this and I’m fine. I did well, the grass season is over.

Music painting

Will Johnson: Meanwhile, Brett met Michelle and married her, but saw what she was doing.
For the best.

Brett Johnson: The only employee is Michelle. The only thing that makes money. I like it, I have to
Things. I have to do something. I deserve it. Buy online, buy stolen credit cards and get started
I ordered food, stopped and went back to jail 10 months later. And Michelle was with me too. He complains)
B) Sorry, I never asked him, I never tried to stop him.

Will Johnson: The last cell is the thing that makes a person agree or do more important things.
Mishli was not surrendered by such strangers. He decides to do the right thing.

Brett Johnson: Thats why I go everywhere. One of the most current e-courses
Network crime attacks are still approaching criminals outside of Pittsburgh. I sent it to him
LinkedIn. I love it, I respect all your work. I think you did a great job, you really respected your sister
So I want to make everything legal. And this man, he thought.

Willie Johnson Brett possesses the necessary tools to start a new life. He began consulting with law enforcement
Businesses and corporations and everything they know about the Dark Internet. It’s him now. Discover the secrets of a small online
He helped her grow into a bigger black dress today.

Brett Johnson: How, how and how you raised from the beginning of your career.
Eventually it became 4,000 members. The Alpha Bay website on the Dark Web closed on July 5 last year. When closed
It has 240,000 members on one page.


Will Johnson – And when you think a person started an Internet connection, they did
Redeemer. Is this a different person from the one you see today?

Brett Johnson: No, I don’t think it’s special. Hmm, of course, yes, I know, because that’s what we know
Another. Im still that person. Of course, yes, I know, because its well known. Mil
I was never aware. But I know, because you know
Actions affect others, I know, I know I have suffered a lot. He stole from people I know who never worked
I don’t care. I think I was raped then. Im not saying Im okay
I’m human now, but I’m the best person, but I’m trying to do well, the pain can’t change, but maybe
I think I am sure that my future decisions will be a solution that will help and not spoil

Music Day

Willie Johnson: I agree with Ambassador Frank Abanal, ambassador of AAPP Fraud Control Network. There are many scams
and scams
Things like personal data, phone numbers, credit cards, etc. they are not successful.
If not

Frank Abagney: When I sell information, I always remind people that money comes in two forms: financial
And just like data, thats why data is money and I often sell data and sell data in the dark network.
Web black has experienced something similar in a chat room, just like adding tapes
The screen contains information. Its harder now.

Or any yaku bank in your account, and if you are afraid it can be bought on the dark web, what can you do?
Let’s do it!

Frank Bagnale A: You know, I think I’ve said it more than once, and it doesn’t hurt.
Coming soon. I only use credit card. No credit card, but look for credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, card. Every
In my life, I spend my friends’ money on credit cards. I do not spend my money. My money is in the money market account, right?
It promotes interest. No one knows where he is, because no one has revealed him. Upon arriving at the supermarket, I used my
credit card,
Go to the cleaner and use my credit card. I flew this morning, I used my card. Do this now
I can protect my number, but when someone gives me a million dollars and my debt tomorrow,
In the end, under the Constitution, my responsibility was zero. To pay for logos and invoices or pay for my card and mine
Money figures are still available, which is why we have our credit history. If you have a credit card and you use a yaku yaku
credit card, it seems
He stole money from his bank account. And after 20 years you can use your credit card ten times
Every day and do not honor you. No time. So I only use credit cards. I’ll buy it
Something on the Internet and not to give and protect. When I buy the wrong thing online, it will never come back to me
I make sure I connect and tell lies and I have nothing and I will never come back. Cause I said that
Three, I’m not afraid because my credit card is in black, honestly, I’m not involved with that card
Until I find out that the company is liable to pay the rent within 30 days of receiving it
That’s why I hope the card.

Johnson: So is it money? Can you make money

Frank Bagnale A: He’s just like my banker. I do not need the Visa logo, MasterCard. Me
Don’t get me wrong.



Will Johnson: I think he’s been here before

And it works, so I tell my bank, all you need is an ATM card.

Johnson says: Well, use Frank’s credit cards to charge your money.

Frank Abanial: That’s great. Honestly, I was back when I left and how I was doing
I want to, I want to make money for cars, not use Visa or MasterCard. They pay, but this is my tax
This is a very simple project with nothing in my bank accounts, only available through Visa banking.

Johnson: So depending on your words, you know Jean Beam, who posted it on Facebook
A Facebook page that seeks to cheat online without compromising your marketing plan and financial opportunities
For this purpose. Be careful, but you will combine your words.

All songs

Or so-called Onsons. Jane, thank you for coming back

Bams Bams. Hi, thank you for accepting me.

ns onson. How much sugar do we have? That’s what the old ladies and Jane and Baram said.

Jane is on stage. Oh, that’s right

Go to Johnson: Jen’s file was bad.

Enen Beam: I don’t think I launched a Facebook page of internet scams, scams that I see every day.
Cheat on me

Isson: It can happen to anyone, anywhere and anywhere. Tell us what happened.

Three goals for a shot
Sometimes and still I have an account on my profile at the Debt Office and I think I did it all.
In the morning, I checked my credit card report and received a two-month TransUnion loan, and that’s it.
Both costs are $ 19.95 per day and I consider them red. I was confused because I thought Transunion was starting
When I paid for the check again, I think they’re shy
I say this because I’m emotional and I think you are. Not so much, black increased the number to 800
Credit Card Post I was here to confirm my messages, beautiful woman on the phone
Then I pretended to be OHHH, called her, and immediately called her a credit card.
The company that has to do it first

Johnson John Beam wrote on Facebook. Can people learn more about Jane cheating?

Jane Beam: Follow me on

David McGregal thanked Willie Johnson’s representative for the Judicial Complaints Network.

Frank Abanal: It will be. Thank you for your comment.

If you engage in fraud, contact the AamP Ministry of Justice at Special thanks to the rogue team.
Julie Getz, Brooke
The production of the voice is Ellis, singers Steve Stewlett and Julio Gonzalez. For some reason I think Johnson is better than

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