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Cryptocurrency Information is a new RAT infrastructure that searches for browser cookies

A Trojan connection for remote access is a type of malware that masquerades itself and allows attackers to control their targets.
The speaker is remote and allows you to perform various functions such as recording B-keys and confidential information
You can also offer camera activation information, screens, profiles, drivers, and more. Distribution.
Other systems are offline systems

Like almost all malware, Infirat is designed to steal and steal computer data.
Infirate records the inventions of digital wallets such as Bitcoin and Litcoin.
Access to cookies steals user information, including usernames and passwords

In addition, this mouse also has an image function that can retrieve data from the data window. For example, if the user
While reading the email, the malware also looks at other programs running on D.B.
Antivirus software.

Send the collected data to the Infirat (C&C) server and server management for further suggestions.
It also directs malware to put extra weight on the system

Close. NET, RAT supports encryption to capture all encodings that may appear in the user window.
Set the time.

InfiRAT will check the location of the engine and antivirus devices to avoid detection.

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