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How to use PGP accounts.
The first thing you want to do is create a secret key with your social networks, which you can provide to him.
You post or post your notes online.

As already mentioned, these important people do not always hide their sent messages.

Your social security number is a unique number that you can use to cancel deletions using PGP.

If you look in the upper right corner, you will see a list of characters, and one of them looks like a board. You must be logged
in to post a comment.
Click this clip, and then click Manage.

Double-click File -> Create.

Select the PGP key and click the link.

Enter your first and last name. (I recommend using the real name of the network name)

Enter your email and leave the information.

Then click on the level tip settings

Note that the encoding approach affects RSA 4096

Then click Create your key, click it.

You can see your private key by clicking on the “My Private Key” tab. You have already created your employees
The key! To find the PGP public key, right click on the keyboard, click Copy; Copies your entire PGP to the keyboard.
A board where you can place whatever you want. The public key PGP is as follows.

PPP for general public operations

el mqnbfllwdcbeadezn3mnlsezuddas5q0lm1f6jdk534wpurlan8pnuqscswuq

hPEAgNCUNhxN4yCJ1mDt9xpXpX8QzsMIcofCHeE9TMLAnHzbmXLLi + D8sPZpLpDN

6jEIFvmBD4dvp5adimvRl8Ce49RpO345VUz8Ac0qLSmsv2u + kQviDQXZkrrxXHnA

IalvgDopXTISa9Sh7J3HHYYQazOZt9mfAjjuuRdaOqmAAtEe9dl43nrx + nSd / fqH

13XvMKhqJhIoJ02CBFfRBm86vtx5yiXqHZX438M9kbASqU0A2jAfRd + IZG5Z9gCI

W6FTror + F4i + bAdAuGTG1XFsQSgjKTIG0vgYiTJ93C2MZxrLvNnJp0g2zD0URyk8

Y2IdyCDfIL10W9gNMqLmjD0z / w / os66wTJkflSGaU9ZsrKHUKFN5OSfOZtNqktWn

fCpY4bigkJ8U / 5C8mtr9ZE3Tv + RV4rPY0hAOtZucnhlRmYKVFNjvbS0MjqA1188c

wzBNG0XcpCNtmM5UsSvXwnDoUaEMXe50Hikxdk3d + CJzqYnor72g / WmIDROCiXl6

2D9rJ2JuLpl9bQLM + KCbXJf3kUSvzszZGGXL / “AwmynvqlruaXqr5975sCdfqXVexx”




6tSg81nizNsP / 2airAz4InCK / ZniRnnsjSHIKSMv7t2uDTbIomA / 0B6v / S6vHMNZKS

G6 + sIg41mfMuZEimgavNb0Uc2r6mI7UiVi5lp1Gd / D + all81Ks7bm5EBpvl1isPgJ

EkjehEdh9FKjrTiRIJafM1m254hIAaZ1RvAphI0tM2lpudk + tNKk + ivV8PpsN9TP

0mg5ZAu1lIKtG9k5vS9HAK0grJ01TFMEjlifrf7eRiJ1 + dmRJ + Kstoi2js8UvS + vM


yqA9bNtuOt3KHIC / O + mEATRsc / VPbTY + 80kf45LwlDBfKO3PcOXSOG7ygibzEqXn

Ta / Rfe1kNEBeR9Wx2NMJSdxypqGij17CLJwNLC3KypTIQrhzy3YAndeDG4TadW2P

v / FJxhz + MX + s + 9VeX2fGC0Fsfp8JbeWMAznp8Rf6O / tzEYW + pbLoLRPdi / DvFBZV

yWGPspzt3Qspm + BHbeW9iFjvCyvP2 / DrKmQM7ABuRh / TMZR7uQ5na11L8rf3nzrS

circa / lsul42xLzxG + h9mDixXd1Vh6rVGMbCjL7wO25TUneFo13U5J + kllo1blQWV / DL

Wh2utWNCMCtcdRW0HYa14Wdyy7H68WmsJqBWUsbyD9PZ2g SawBy7uQINBFLL

WDcBEACg3IOme + sg0OZN349URR9 / O6uW2vC5x9 / aZZrFNSNYh / LFJTt3XI / FsjN

gCj6NxRxbfdyLjL1gxSlJyFtclkFGS0lC0GIz7lINvemkewjde / bHXChz2IIaIli


gQrId02jYO6240EDIhHITuiSwUQvHtXlOrHSohN83TD1I4H7iH / FLae9gYh4C / Ix

VLkzLUqvpf72Q / xogCZAJl4WEMmWD6dXufvyvhCXQnbjiLuAdQundefinedef / t652LPw /

vJFDSDmguw9PXWpv3vFOe13UNU // + nw3kIGxaVWGvazXk8IFiDv9USgEGjcNn4zo

8HQlQrYz9 / gyI3XojGV6L8iecWpHSweqR3NxKJmWKWEG1wwnWPL8M + z6OwEvRdxV

Spy + eG0Zs + 6igbw3tk6gJ4cq5ehdlmD6py27AhRhlj7uLlZxmK3uFV19QjtX / Dyt

73ZNX16krXqufl0HAJRd1PwhITPCtSviW3L2qKF2Pdak3j97A656EcInCcAyOUC /

mUNUDtXJik6uwFgFFn9 / pnFr + acY7ppsWPG5rr7jRj + Lgjnjkckpkjo8jN1hZE17

CfJyrYrSqdglCc oG oGopio u ojHMJpaAoyMeiKeYW1AoIKatQARAQABiQ IfBBgB

CgAJBQJSy1g3AhsMAAoJEPuh6tSg81ny4nIP / 2lVf0DTp1n5xPEBZEUlgzcMNeh5


62yEzijTliU2QFgWJSS6IfbtC2IyRouAns3KD6XouKTFUs / i0n / QpwhnM + Ya / SAg

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IUBcK2uNHDBUB5G853NR0OkBm5i + KC8vM3K1 / MZ + P / lK0xOcTGXZH / A7GrEsI4FJ

nw5i6zJZb8gmDt44Tp / 1Ujxnm5xhVWgnOQeSVSyiRsHQ / gTCL1PqsZhW7yulwL05

yxZgN + oYVx4pNtLJMigRjoCY9IKEmZhY75cWXXA19j14Wnxu8IrwwSk1WyzMQcjj

7onP4OEhbPuotqWqVAc0M / + MV5oMGIG0Qepy6XpZOCCpZw / p1rDrZSYP5eQMd / 4x

LB7xch6GjbWsnKhA1wGdjdclBodixorVfCRn4s5jTgXx7wWz / opM4ix / CPAkify7

4Sf0BdJ5YtFILZc5StED4WC5pljJbdEWVsb9rn6egvFn7W / ZlDJAerS6Mt5LJGAh


04 MA6 KRRIH 909 BNX

Off off 2n

Remove PGP-Socio

So you need to save the special key on the secondary USB device or SD card. To configure via USB
Turn on, then use another disk to hold your key inside. If you buy a virtual box, you will fix it
In the lower right corner it looks like a USB device select the other drivers you want to use for backup.
On the button. Never save your personal files on your hard drive and then delete them from your computer.

To keep your private key, right-click and click Properties. I know why you do it yourself
The export says Xtrax, but that’s not what you want to do. Just sell the picture to your public developer your personal savings
will not be noticed.
lock. If you lose your case, you will not be able to recover it unless you create another case with the same password.
Each key does not differ from the moment it was created, if it is lost, it is always lost. So when buying real estate, go up
Click the “Project Details” tab and click Export.

You will then save your personal campaign for later use after the new build period.

Remember that the connector is not installed on your hard drive, so you may lose files every time you try to get a new tattoo.

By saving the buttons on a USB drive or SD card, you can make it available when you restart it.

You will then learn how to paste and translate messages and keys.

Luckily, the queues have already given me instructions on how to do this, so I’ll go to your websites.

But before you do, I must point out that you need to take the public PGP keys, or you can teach them

Needless to say, how can you link another key to a name by uploading this text? Conn
This is done with a program called Text Text.

Click Script-> Tools-> Header Enter a public key backup. Then go back to your nephew
Fit the clipboard click File-> Import select the file. People bring the key to the public
Your values: to add future values to the loop, I recommend uploading the file yourself and just adding the button below
Keys When you open this file, all the keys are saved. This way you can keep all PGP images public
Merge files Save to SD card or USB drive for use.

Finally, you can use the following two pages to learn how to hide or modify PGP.


[In the future. Have fun
From P.P.P. Connect!

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