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Conspiracy theory

Closing the Darkby Market

2014 2014 .. 1 May
Today, the hidden market is half dust! A few months after the operation, DarkBay marketplace announced today
This is an exception, but the good thing is that they are fair and do not compete with any bitcoins!

I do not know why the market is closed, but the news on the site says something
The team created the DarkBay Marketplace, Andromeda Marketplace and all users, products and reviews are posted on the site.
Buying Andromeda Marketplace is temporary and usable
(Suggested code required)

In an age of unfair, misleading and unstable markets, it is good to see which markets are strange and do not work.
For all BTC users, I hope DarkBay is a lot of fun, especially when managers are thinking about it.
Be polite and honest.
See the post on the DarkBay website below

DarkBay closed in 2014. May 1
Good morning everyone
It was a big month in Dark Bay, but we have to finish it now. We tried sincerely from the beginning
Purchase We move the sky and the earth to make sure BTC is not stolen. We did well today
He promised. Today we will show you a complete website that will make you a great manager and transparent service provider. Dark
Free trade can be here, so we hope you remember it. An idea of what we create
You and I will survive here. We can forget the unverified concept of work or DDoSd. It is endless and that is it

I think Dark Bay is the right policy for all of us, but we have identified the same case.
We hope Rock-Bay has had a lot of success and will bring real happiness to peoples lives. For everyone
I believe in the black side, I am in the world. I believe there is purpose and end to the darkness of Lago
Different profile files for everyone who has used our services, I see and understand what we create here
Thank you for being part of this journey.

The market will also open in the future to refund all BTC and open all orders.

Dark Bay will be with us until the end.

A month ago, some Dark Bay members decided to make Andromeda, and it’s sure to work with DB
The Andromeda group may share our opinions all the time, but these days it is more creative and exciting. They are very good
Honesty and trust in Dark Bay a few months ago. When I left the manager position, Dark Bay moved in that direction
Andromeda Marketplace All users, products and definitions are placed there. Maybe its in production and thats it
The DB case should be Andromeda. I no longer work as a Dark Bay Sales Manager
Andromeda, but they are also grateful and I don’t like Andromeda.
All unscrupulous service providers agree to register by purchasing Andromeda credit cards.

Andromeda business

Today, Dark Bay boldly added to the traditional blue altar. This is not a bad and unstable company
The world for indefinite debts that violate any law that guarantees our liquidation.

Drug control kills more people than any other drug. Right. I saw him sleeping. Concluded with congratulations
I am blind, but I am not blind. The secret society created here is a curse of madness and politics
Injustice can sometimes get worse. Always remember that you are not deceived; Our gaze is on the whole wall
The magic, the lunar eclipse and the constant fall – it was all in our victory, so the concrete didn’t start and fall.
Explain my latest thoughts on political parties.
In simple words:
How do you hope to win a defeated battle?
Mo so nu
Eto Dark Bay Bay

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