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Codeshep, owner of stolen credit card page, sentenced to 0 months in prison

darknet Codeshep, owner of stolen credit card page, sentenced to 0 months in prison
Darknet Codeshep, owner of stolen credit card page, sentenced to 0 months in prison

Created on 18 July 2019

Macedonians were sentenced to seven years in prison
Federal prison on the sale of financial information in this regard
Code Shop, Credit Card Fraud
saving account

In April 2019, US Attorney General Javier Amatowski sentenced Eric N. to seven years and six months in federal court.
Imprisonment for fraud and fraud. United States Attorney General for Southern New York,
Rakai P. Dongo was released in New York office on special technology
The secret testing service was challenged by the Amatoskis and involved many fishermen.
Companies in the United States and other countries. In contrast, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation
People did nothing to come to the Code Store.

Between 2010 and 2014, Amtofsky published phishing notices against a large number of Zivo and Syndrome residents.
American companies are trying to collect economic data from the companies they deal with. go to her
Among conspiracy theorists, Amotowski is not a for-profit organization that stores personal data or personal data.
Technical information was downloaded by Amtofsky and added to the data in the storage code store. Depends on storage code
It is a complete legal fraud system that allows consumers to buy and sell real estate.
The buyers were contacted by a statement from the US Law Office in the New York area
CodeShop can search for money, bank, country and credit card information.
CodeShop provides a service that users can use to interfere with fraud so that users can steal.
Information about data security, location and user pages.

According to court documents prepared by Christian Wilson, Ametovski stole agents from special services and others.
million credit cards and debit cards in Codeshop. When American intelligence examines the Codeshop server
In the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, 400,000 credit cards and credit card numbers were found on the searched website.
store. In the new lawsuit, the federal judge will receive $ 250,000 from Ametovskis
Using Codeshop. According to the researchers, Ametovskis and colleagues gave him mysterious material.
Make money before you make money by buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Although owned and operated by Ametovski Codeshop,
three of them
Respondents will be given access to the website. According to the jury, all three media and storage of stolen data
profit by selling.

Slovenian law arrested Ametovski in January 2014
One of his passengers was detained. Sent by the sender
Slovenian police with information on Bulgarian crimes
they will return to the dollar raised by taxpayers in Slovenia.
The man points out that Ametovsk is the director of Codehop and offers
Slovenian law provides the information needed to edit images
Ametovski and his girlfriend both have x-rays
used by Codehop owners. If recognized by Slovenian law
this information and the kidnapping of Ametovski, who arrived in the United States
Slovenian agents are defending the country.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls for intelligence services,
KAMI. The Department of Marshal Centers and the United States Department of Justice
Department of International Relations. Private service
Codehop has a long history; an expert in marble
changing the role of the agency accused of murder; to
International support from the Ministry of Justice is in line with the law
American Constitution.

Certification issued by the Slovenian service provider for intelligence services identified by other Codeshop servers
Netherlands. This allows the security service to receive information from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
to access servers and keep data confidential. The United States is currently investigating intelligence services
The Department of Justice has moved Ametovski to the United States on three charges. After two years in detention
Slovenia seized Ametovski’s American office and brought it to the United States. Metovski moved
holy until 2017. He was punished with two of the first three sentences
Identify data theft, the sale of stolen data, and access to financial information.
plugged in and believed. Prosecutors asked the judges to sentence Ametovski to 17 years in prison. This statement
The length of the work shows how much damage Ametovski suffered during the operation. Therefore
In the case of MasterCard, Codeshop customers stole at least $ 30 million.

Ametovski spent seven years and six months in prison. content
the court paid out $ 250,000 and the money is still pending
the company passed away and Codeshop hijacked it

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