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Cloud Doctor PCM was stolen, user data was stolen for gift card fraud

darknet Cloud Doctor PCM was stolen, user data was stolen for gift card fraud
Darknet Cloud Doctor PCM was stolen, user data was stolen for gift card fraud

Updated July 18, 2019

Clients received emails and shared files
Multi-Cloud Vendor PCM Inc.

In the May 2019 hijackers attack, hijackers received an administrative certificate used by a cloud merchant to manage users’
Microsoft Office365 and appears to want to use stolen credentials to steal the gift card in accordance with the order shown
According to KrebsOnSecurity, Indian customer Vipro cracked down on crime.

Confirm your changes to the machine
The PCM referred to by the Corbs was small and the problem was fixed
words, words. The event did not affect all PCM readers; In fact,
The survey showed that the number of PCM users dropped.

Other customers will be contacted.
The meeting started after the PCM worked with them.
The company said it would solve their problem

Hacking is a major security threat.
This is a good thing the attacker can control
Office365 Inside

Jonathan Olivira
Delegates travel between internet intermediaries for verification.
Customer impact is what happens when PCM offices reach 36 365 customers.

Partner profile in client network
This is important because she has a good idea of the network in question.
Customer input system, etc. Oliveira, which can be created
Attack on the future

The PCM is not just about helping and preventing crime
Client account certificate 365
Allows users to access email services and documents
Said Kevin Goschalk, CEO of Acos Labs.
This is dangerous because old information is compromised
It is very likely that you share files or corporate email systems
Browsing and participating can have a huge impact on the business.

President Robert Pugh agreed yesterday
Hackers can notify PCM clients that they are accessing Office 365 accounts
Access to sensitive personal data and business documents.

If hackers have access, consider it
Pritz said he can use his Office 365 account to reset and lock the password.
Worse, I can use the same email address and a different username
Surfing the internet even.

He explained that if Paku has 100 employees.
These employees have only 10 accounts for 365 offices
Email addresses contain up to 1000 business-related accounts
Hackers have power.

Easy to use criminal
The password was stolen, with no APIs or users
Getting an account and getting all the information is not a choice
CipherCloud seeks permission for users, thus attracting all security features
Praveen So Mary, CEO.

Presentation of previous experience and documentary evidence, translated by third parties
The hosts expertise is a harbinger of international business, but there is still some privacy.
Exaggeration: Increase and avoid third party cyber security risks
“The party is challenging for us,” said Colin Bastable, director of Lucy Security.
Ishte travels with camping.

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