City of Sun Prairie warns of data breach after Unauthorized Access to Email Accounts

For two months, an unauthorized party had illegal access to the email accounts of some employees working in San Prairie, Wisconsin.

These accounts contained personal data, including social security numbers, accounts and passwords, driver ‘s licenses, government identification numbers, bank and financial account numbers, medical and payment card information.

The city has undertaken a time-consuming process of identifying personal information contained in stolen email accounts, “30,000 people said in an address published in the city yesterday. ‘While our investigation has not been able to confirm what information was available in the email accounts, the City notifies individuals with great caution as we have confirmed that certain information is present in the relevant email accounts.’

According to Sun Prairie, March 6, when suspicious activity related to an employee ‘s email account became known in the city. A subsequent investigation revealed a violation of several employee accounts between 16 January, 6 March.

“The city has security measures and procedures in place to protect data in its systems and it continues to verify and update these measures as part of our ongoing commitment to the security of information in our custody,” the release said.

Sun Prairie advised victims to monitor personal data and fraud, and view account statements and credit reports. The city also established a hotline number: 1-877-202-9025.

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