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Christian sentenced to six more years for imprisonment and theft

Updated July 18, 2019

John Michael Heron II, 38, of Stockton, condemned America today.
District Judge John A. Gray. Mendes faces six years and three months in prison
For fraudulent e-mail fraud and identity theft, American lawyers
McGregor W. Scott says.

According to court documents, it was approved at least in December 2014.
In January 2018, Heron joined a national fraud project
California Department of Labor (EDD)
Claim unemployment benefits. True
Project, Gerona and former partner Robert Maher of Stockton,
Create fiction and fiction of employees (with access to the publication
The true person of man without his knowledge was poured out
Employees have been fired or EDS required for inaccurate information
Shooting. The benefits of work are stored on the debit card
They are sent to Heron, Maher or to an address born at their address
Association. ATM cameras remove herons and reduce the benefits of unemployment
Credit card money is registered to the destination. heroin
Approximately 8,588,185 are involved in false allegations of EDD,
EDD pays approximately 5,445,685.

John Michael Herron II rebelled against one of his colleagues
Follow developments to establish unemployment insurance
Theft of property is not subject to such benefit. We’ll
Track the progress of colleagues
Employment agreements
The project, says Abel Salinas, executive director of Los Angeles
Province, US Law Office.

The punishment for this situation sends a clear message that there will be no fraud
patience, says EDD Director, Patrick W. Henning EdD works proudly
our legal partners partners to protect this important nation
If you can, you can get hate from fraud.

The case is a result of an investigation by the United States Department of State.
Office of the Chief Auditor General
Research at the California Department of Human Resource Development
Research section. Representative Amy Schuler Heathcock
he is investigating the case.

Charges against Death. It’s just cases
The suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty
He is also reasonably skeptical.

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