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Christian households were banned after purchasing the Black Meth & Ecstacy website

Christchurch, 33, escapes from prison after importing ecstasy and methamphetamine ordered by Dark Web
Netherlands and United States of America.

Timothy Robert Fern was sentenced to 11 months at the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday.

He had previously granted two imports of class A drugs and class B and A drugs
sell both drugs. Several offenses were committed and a second offense was charged with an assistant.

Firn was also convicted of numerous other charges, including illegal driving, disqualification,
It is illegal to be in an enclosed garden and not to respond to the security of the district court.

Fearn lives in Christchurz and worked in the technology industry in mid-2016, when the package was shipped to New Zealand.
Use a unique name and address.

Krona told the court that the customs authorities at the International Postal Center at Auckland Airport, where the customs
clearance takes place, are responsible for ordering the screens.
See international shipping and mail.

The incident between May and September 2016, when Firnt and two others were arrested, was called Skillet Operation. second
two had previously been sentenced to prison.

These drugs are ordered online on the black site.

These sites allow people to subscribe to many illegal publications online
Address and immigrant’s name. Products to use Crown Bitcoin are also provided
He said it.

Boxes containing astasia and methamphetamine are accepted at the international post, and some are sent.
Approach fear.

A total of 27 grams of methamphetamine and 3.6 grams of ecstasy were taken from the overdose.

In an interview, Fern denied buying drugs online, but said she had paid to help another criminal.
Pay for the medicines prescribed by this person.

He admitted that he knew the package in which he trusted the product and said he would only use it to sell the rest. news
The cell phone owner recommends selling drugs.

Judge Ra Warned L. warned Snow Fear that harming others would lead to his imprisonment.

According to the judge, the arrest is too late today.

Ferries will not be allowed to travel for 12 months from 31 July.

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British black drug dealer convicted

Christchurch man gets out of jail after Meth & Ecstacy after he was bought in the dark