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Christchurch man gets out of jail after Meth & Ecstacy after he was bought in the dark

The 33-year-old man escaped from Christchurch Prison after being transported to methamphetamine for a dark internet order.
The Netherlands and the United States of America.

Timothy Robert Fern was sentenced to 11 months in court in Christchurch on Wednesday.

He has previously admitted two Class B offenses and two Class B drug requirements.
Sell two pills. He was charged with several offenses and subsequently charged with representation.

Fern has been charged with several crimes, including reckless conduct and a motive.
The complaint was filed illegally and the court could not respond to the decision.

Fern lives in Christchurch and worked for a technology company in mid-2016, when Bux moved to New Zealand.
Invalid names and unique addresses.

Ade told the court that preparations were Auckland International Airport Mail’s next task.
International records and ship suppliers were examined.

Introduced in May-October, 2016 by Fern and two others, the event was called the Operation Practical Skeleton. The second
The pair were initially charged with assault on a house.

Ills pills online from underground websites.

Websites allow people to order various items online or orders shipped out.
Address is the manufacturer’s name. The transaction is paid using Bitcoin, the crown
she said.

Packages containing ecstasy and methamphetamine are being discussed at the National Post Office, where they will discuss more.
Money address.

27 methamphetamines and 3.6 grams of memory were posted on the pages.

In an interview, Fern declined to attend an online liquor account, but said she had money to help other cases.
It includes the price for your product.

He says he is well aware of the package containing prescription drugs, he uses himself, sells another. Later
The mobile phone was found to indicate drug use.

Judge Rae Niev warned that other crimes could end up in jail.

A judge said he was beaten in prison today.

May Starting July 31st, no driving for 12 months.

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Christian households were banned after purchasing the Black Meth & Ecstacy website

Christchurch avoided jail after buying the usual Dark Meth & Ecstasy site