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Christchurch avoided jail after buying the usual Dark Meth & Ecstasy site

Christchur, 33, was released after buying large quantities of opium and chemicals online in the dark.
The Netherlands and the United States

Timothy Robert Fern was sentenced Wednesday to 11 months in prison in Christchurch Regional Court.

Twice he was found with methamphetamine and drug trafficking
All drugs sold. Some violations show that costs have been recouped and costs dropped.

Costs may include additional costs, including: incorrect driving, assisted driving,
Locker room occupancy is illegal and not in accordance with the district court’s decision.

Darr lived in Christchurch and worked in the engineering department in mid-2016 when the container ship was launched in New
Please use a false name and a different name.

Taj told the court he was inspected at the National Post Center at Auckland Airport
News reviews and product reviews.

May 2016. It was in September, when Fern was arrested along with several others, known as Operation Skeleton. Forget it
Two people were detained.

Medications are ordered online through the Black Web.

This site allows you to submit your orders abroad by submitting many other illegal types of orders online.
The address and name given by the importer make them pay more to use Bitcoin and Crown
He said.

Static packages and methamphetamine were seized and partially handled at the International POS Center.
Get rid of fear.

Customs took at least 227 mephefamins and 6.6 grams of ecstasy.

In an interview, Timo refused to participate in the Ogat order on the Internet, but helped with another crime.
Medication charges prescribed by a person.

He confirmed that he knew he should ack to arrange for a divorce package.
Drug trafficking monitors mobile phones

Judge Raheel Nayab has warned Fern that any injustice will end the jail.

Judge, you went to jail today.

Fern took office 12 months ago and resigned on July 31.

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Christchurch man gets out of jail after Meth & Ecstacy after he was bought in the dark

Christchurch escapes from prison after man bought Math & Ecstaci from prison