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Chinese smugglers confiscated 900 grams of the drug

Xiamen City police notes that Chinas is Fujian province
Two suspects were arrested for using the same Web site and dark blogs
To the international drug trade.

In May, police found a friendly story in the dark
Websites that sell expensive sweets and cookies that contain chemicals.

After the investigation, he was arrested by police in the United States on June 1
Hunan and Anhui counties are arresting two suspects and stealing a large number of them
More than 900 grams of marijuana.

Police said the jail had opened medical marijuana for sweets and chocolates.

While foreign citizens bring these drugs to China, local consumers are selling them on dark networks.
Customers go to the letterbox.

Police said the drug dealer ate bitcoin and paid for sweets
1,600 yuan (6226) white chocolate and A.I.
A cup of sugar is 380 yuan.

DarkJo Ga is a dark and bitcoin of drug trafficking, and
Exxon police said the investigation is ongoing
The drugs stopped injecting the atoms.

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