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Chemsa’s Fantastic Seller’s Dream-It’s Wrong

darknet Chemsa's Fantastic Seller's Dream-It's Wrong
Darknet Chemsa's Fantastic Seller's Dream-It's Wrong

Updated July 27, 2019

Complete American Publication:

U.S. Attorney General Sgt. Sullivan, Southern New York. Berman, Richard Castro, A / K / A Chomsuza
a / k / a Chems_usa, / k / a Chemical_usa, / k / a Jagger109, Today Fundraising and Partnerships
Carfentanil, fentanyl and fentanyl are available for black networks including Alphabet and Dream
Market to provide cryptocurrency. Castro
admitted that the damage caused more than $ 4 million. Castro pleaded guilty in the US District Court.
Dennis L., Mint. Jacket.

Lawfree Effrey S. Manhattan of Manhattan. Berman said as he accepted
Today, Richard Castro extends the Dark Ages
Opioids are powerful, including fentanyl
Carpenter. Castro thought he could hide it anonymously
Use network sites like drug trafficking sites and chems_usa
Chemicals_SA. Thanks to our partners on Chems_us Law Enforcement
He is currently incarcerated in the United States

According to the prosecutor, Richard
Castro loans, public affairs and court decisions:

From November 2015 to 2019. The Castro fraud scheme was announced in March
Carpentenyl, fentanyl and phenylphenanthenyl (fentanyl analogue).
Fentanyl is a very potent synthetic opioid
Heroin and carpentine are analogs of about 100 fentanyl
Several times stronger than fentanyl. Many massacres, Castro and a
My friend consumes drugs through a dark site
Chemical, Camz_use and Chemical_USA. Castro
These are the killers of the kline and the leader of this enmity. In the dark
The Castro Dream Market has made the internet market laugh as it has evolved further
Some, including more than 3,200 dark Internet markets
1800 Alphabet. Chemsua customer reviews:
He is very strong like a carpet and has a real animal
Perfectly organized, go.

In June 2018, Castro introduced him to the monk Chemsua
He ran his business from the dark market to buyers online
Requests to the pharmacy are accepted only by registered mail.
Chems_usa asks if the email address is not available in the market
The buyer pays. This was paid for by a law enforcement officer
Accept payment by encrypted email. Email address and order
Castro. The drug was brought by CASTRO lawyer Luis Fernandes
On behalf of the defendants, including New York.

CASTRO customers returned it with Bitcoin. Castro wash
Medications are used in many ways, including millions of medications
I put a dollar in his bitcoin wallet and bought about 100
Zimbabwe has 4 billion loans, including basic necessities.

Under the termination agreement, Castro pleaded guilty to corruption
Ent 4,156,198.18, in seven entries or otherwise
Bitcoin wallet address.


Richard Castro, 36, of Winderder, Florida, was arrested in the case.
Distribution system
Three excavated objects, carfentanyl, phenyl and fentanyl
The minimum sentence is 10 years
Life imprisonment and many penalties
Money laundering and maximum jail term of 20 years. – Yeah
Most decisions made in the Quran are accepted and approved by Congress
As with any investigation, it will be used for informational purposes only
The judge made the decision. The decision has been made
In front of Judge Kote on October 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Burman praised American police
New York Police Department Review Service
Do a good study. Burman congratulated him
Internal Revenue and Environmental Services Orange, Florida, Sheriff
Agency helps.

The medicine is given by the pharmacy department.
United States General Solicitor General Michael D. Nef., Elin R. Flipdor i
Ryan B. Finkel presides over the investigation.

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