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California schools are involved in a Ransomware attack

San Bernardino’s own schools paid the ransom.

The October 20 attack was reported by the California school system, which said district records were closed and impossible.
School staff will return to the document to take the proposed action. School officials said nothing about the attack.
But this time they dont think they have access to the data.

Please: Next: Student and parent information is secure. Food and transportation services will not be affected. I will wait
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School phone lines work. In addition, the teacher and staff cannot be reached by email
The district said this has been resolved.

From this unique initiative, San Brandino brings more schools as well as community groups
Year. Although many chose not to pay, some neighbors gave up.

The Kola County School Board voted in a joint interview with HIV positive participants in September.
Circuit systems with systemic degradation were developed in Florida.

In August, a district Rockville Center school in New York paid $ 8,000 to $ 2,000 to restore access.

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