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BuyBest bust – Legendary Sushi Seller arrested by FSB 24 Flint for violating Russian rules

darknet BuyBest bust - Legendary Sushi Seller arrested by FSB 24 Flint for violating Russian rules
Darknet BuyBest bust - Legendary Sushi Seller arrested by FSB 24 Flint for violating Russian rules

Russia has accused 25 people of stealing bank cards. Warning for Cybercriminals: Countering Local Threats

Russian authorities regularly monitor Internet crime
Civilian agreements, provided they are made for foreigners
Historically, such measures have been enacted in national law.
It is difficult to sue.

“Market leaders met
Carder Bazaar is the Golden Shop / Buy Best Business and Altar for Everything
Mirrors, such as presenting a new map
Information ” & NBSP

But the authorities did not allow the criminals to invade Russia – and in fact, not all of them targeted Russian banks.

Unfortunately, no national gang seems to have received the news.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) was also recognized on Tuesday.
The statement was jointly adopted by the Russian Ministry of the country
More than 0 people arrested in 11 counties –
Moscow, Crimea and St. After the officers finished
They said 25 credit and debit cards were found
Russian and foreign institutions

Authorities respected Russians and others
More than 90 Ukrainian and Lithuanian citizens are created online
Use stores and stolen data
Marketing and sales of over a million products. Officials said
When the houses of the suspects were searched, they were robbed
Weapons, illegal drugs, gold, coins and money: 1
One million US dollars and three million rubles (39 39 thousand).

One of the prisoners was sent to prison under the same charges. The man was identified as Alexei Stroganov, alias Flint 224, whose
name was published on the Life Report blog and contains a list of other suspicious and legal tests. Stroganov, previously charged
with mapping, is said to have been sentenced to six years in prison in 2000 and released in 2006.

The Moscow court also confirmed Stroganov’s arrest.

Russian officials did not mention the closed cybercrime market.

“As soon as these arrests occur … the well-known dark marketing BuyBest and its mirrors are off the grid,” the fraud report
says. “BuyBest is known to sell millions of consolidated payment records, most of which contain large amounts of personal
information,” says the Gold Store.

BuyBest also reflects BinGon Yohoho’s online market, says Gemini Consulting

Buy the best and the gold shop is the glass shop
Credit card information is available from these sources
The twin sisters said he often leads the band
And he said. The hackers are told by best and it works
According to Russian law, glasses are called

According to a Gemini spokesperson, First Buy Best released in 2013, with a target price.
The fund will require 18 million euros in market revenue
The leader raised 52.5 million for personal gain
The stolen information was then taken to the site.

“The marketplace aims to sell signature information, which updates consumers to public safety figures, birth dates, victim IPs and [benefit
reports] known as Caribbean Cafes and Russell stores.”

Cardzar said

The unusual Bible presented is also an interesting private discussion.

Most market usually announces underground services
There are very few people who choose a forum in a dark forum. “- said the twins
Said the counselor. “Market leaders are calling for forums
CardnerBazaar as a platform for GoldenShop / Bybest and all those creations
The mirror seems to be announcing the sale of a new transaction card
The detail card market also has more articles covering the negative network
Activities. “”

Flint 2 and more groups may have clear websites such as and, as well as other websites that can only
be accessed through Darknet, or through an unknown browser.

Block: Selling Russian tickets

According to the Twin Council, this is very common in Russian
Cyber crime forums block BuyBest marketplace from blockchain sales
Card issued by a Russian bank. It is unknown at this time what he will do after he leaves office
Other hackers target businesses in Russia
So you can display data in more than 90 mirrors,
This can attract the attention of authorities.

He adds that contestants have another option to organize conference leaders. “Credit card products in Russia have been a violent
crime in the past,” Bryan’s Club said last year over the abuse of black market rivals. Mr. Green marketplace rejected it.

Putin ordered his removal

The arrest led President Vladimir Putin to ask the Home Office to stop cyberbullying, said Gary Warner of Birmingham, Alabama

In the Russian parliament, the Duma, Putin said, “I have asked the system to take measures to adjust the costs of such crimes.”

Warner said: “Find out what will happen if President Putin promises
The Attorney General should do something to reduce the amount of cybercrime.
Russia FSB is working to arrest people. instruction

Stan Breaks

Grandma is not versatility in history,
Russian authorities are trying to accuse someone of committing a crime.

In October 2013, it was reported that he was arrested by authorities for a reported robbery, following 27 reports by Dimitri E.
Described as Fedotov. – Currently living in Singapore. He said Fedotov is a well-known book-maker on the use of Black Crisis,
which offers $ 500 monthly free home combat services; The best network for non-profit organizations; And the features prevent malware

The Home Minister quickly said:
The criminal operation gang is $ 2.1 million.
Tell the Russian banks.

Deloch: Russia with smaller foreign targets is not dangerous
Those abroad because the ruler of Russia did not increase
Burger. But not all Russians who choose Russian Mothers can do that

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