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BuyBest Bust – FSB Arrests Legendary CC Seller “Flint24” for Violating Golden Rule “Never Hack Russia”

darknet BuyBest Bust - FSB Arrests Legendary CC Seller "Flint24" for Violating Golden Rule "Never Hack Russia"
Darknet BuyBest Bust - FSB Arrests Legendary CC Seller "Flint24" for Violating Golden Rule "Never Hack Russia"

Russia accuses 25 people of selling bank card details. Notification for Russian criminals: local targets for threats.

The Russian government seems to be cracking down on cybercrime
Citizens, if they do, if they are only foreign entities
In the past, these activities were carried out in accordance with official government regulations
difficult to manage.

The head of the market arranged the meeting
CarderBazar as an advertising platform for GoldenShop / BuyBest and others
they advertise bottles and also sell new broken tickets
Information. “& Nbsp;

But the authorities cannot tolerate cruel criminals who attack Russia, especially those who attack Russian banks.

Unfortunately, some groups do not seem to be responding.

Russian Federal Security Service (FBC)
In cooperation with the Russian Foreign Minister
It can accommodate more than 30 people in 11 districts –
Includes Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg. Petersburg. And the principles
25 Applies by selling credit cards and credit cards below
For Russian and foreign economic institutions

The government has been criticized, including Russia.
Ukrainians and Lithuanians who produce more than 90 products online
Rotate the ID card information store
Buy and sell goods worth more than $ 1 million. According to officials
The allegations also dropped during the investigation
Weapons, drugs, gold bars, coins and silver: $ 1
One US dollar and 3 million rubles (worth $ 39,000).

One of the FSB prisoners says he was imprisoned for the same reason. The official may be Aleme Stroganov (also known as
“Flint24”), who posted his name on the LiveJournal blog along with some suspicious and court information. Stroganov was previously
sentenced to four counts, sentenced to six years in prison and released in 2008.

A Moscow court also upheld Stroganov’s arrest.

Russian officials have not said which cybercrime market ended.

“At the same time, however, people have been arrested. “Babest is known for selling millions of hacker payment items, most of
which contain large amounts of personal information,” Goldshop said.

Gemini Consultancy claims that it reflects the best markets for bingo and crime.

“BuyBest and GoldenShop are responsible for the glass, which means they sell
A stress card is a similar experience
They are usually run by the same thieves. Twin conversation
he said. “The whole hacking area shows that BuyBest is selling
His glasses have not been protected by Russian law since
responsibility. ”

According to the twin consultancy, BuyBest first appeared in 2013 and was speculated
the site has earned about $ 18 million from acquisitions
judges are helping $ 500 million people
give stolen data.

The marketplace is sold with false information, usually community safety number, date of birth, victim’s IP address and use of this employee
…. Other information comes from a variety of criminal sources. such as Caribbean coffee and a Russian merchant. ”

See CarderBazar

Exceptionally, BuyBest was also a separate discussion forum.

Most market improves services across the country
The internet was gloomy, but some voters organized their own events. – said the twins
To the consultant. “Market workers held an invitation meeting
CarderBazar is a platform for promoting GoldenShop / BuyBest and more
A new loss card with mirrors and ads for sale
CarderBazar information contains additional components that have been downloaded illegally

Flint24 and other large groups can use, and other sites available only in the dark, using hidden cloud
surveys. Description

Package: map of Russia for sale

Gemini Advisory says there are many Russians
Payments are made at BuyBest marketplace hacking meetings
Cards received by Russian banks. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.
Other hackers targeted Russian companies, according to the company. We saw it
This way you can see the faces of more than 90 glasses.
This will attract the attention of buyers. ”

Another option is to build plans on the shelf. “Russia’s credit card market has been on the brink of catastrophe in recent times,”
he said, noting that Bryan’s clubs had a weak connection to the black market online in the past. The years passed. LED from Green marketplace.
While competing.

Putin ordered insults

Gary Warner, director of computer science law at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, said the arrest was made because
President Vladimir Putin ordered offices in the home to monitor cybercrime.

In a speech to the Russian Duma earlier this month, Putin said: “I urge the government to take steps to reduce the number of

Warner Bush: “Imagine what would happen if President Putin were removed.
The prosecution is doing something to reduce the number of cybercrimes.
In Russia? The FSB took steps to arrest people


The catch is great, at least in the past.
Officials in Russia do not pay for cyber communications.

October was a special occasion in October 2013, when officials claimed to have received a pin, after it was reported in several
reports by 27-year-old Dimitri E. According to B in Singapore, Fedotov has launched the popular Blackhole industry book, which
offers $ 500 a month as a subscription organization. Start a website on crypt.mware.

The Interior Minister said a little later
The fraud of 2.1 million is the result of a corrupt organization
In front of Russian banks.

Road trip. The Russians are less likely to achieve foreign goals
Prosecution abroad does not end because of the Russian government
Citizens.But are made by all Russians who want to enjoy being born in Russia
There was an accident.

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