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Bust of BBC – Flint 24 link CC sale not suspended due to violation of Rule “They do not meet with Russians”

darknet Bust of BBC - Flint 24 link CC sale not suspended due to violation of Rule "They do not meet with Russians"
Darknet Bust of BBC - Flint 24 link CC sale not suspended due to violation of Rule "They do not meet with Russians"

25 Russians want to exchange bank warning information from Russian cyber criminals: Targeting home targets

Russian authorities are always investigating cyber crime.
If they target strangers, the public will be interested.
The law already applies in housing law.
Difficult to follow

Marketers work on meeting names
Buy the Gold Kardashian Platform / Platform
Buy a new glass container and card
Information & nbsp;

But officials do not allow Russia to be targeted – especially with Russian banks.

Unfortunately, for some major groups, they do not appear to be passing the message.

The Russian Federal Security Service, also known as the FSB, was on Tuesday.
In cooperation with the Russian Interior Ministry, it was announced
More than 30 were arrested in 11 areas of the country
Includes Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg. Then the authorities
He is charged with selling credit and debit cards
Russian and foreign financial institutions.

Authorities linked the allegations to Russia.
Ukrainian and Lithuanian citizens, who have created over 90 on the Internet
Sell stolen data to a card and save stolen data
Buying and selling goods costs over a million. Officials said
During a search of the suspect’s residence, he was arrested
Guns, Illegal Drugs, Gold, Expensive Coins and Cash: $ 1
Millions of dollars. This. Dolls, as well as 3 million rubles (worth 39 39,000).

The FSB reported that one of the detainees was arrested on similar charges. The man could have been Alexei Stroganov or Flint 24,
whose name appeared on the live blog, and listed most of the suspects and details about their appearance in court. He said
Stroganov had already been convicted of crimes, convicted in 2006 to six years in prison and released in 2008.

The arrest of the Stroganov was also confirmed by a Moscow court.

The Russian government has not announced the name of the cybercrime market.

But “along with the arrest … of the popular black market, known as Bwabest, it reflects this offline mode,” Gemini Adventors
said in a blog post. “Baybest Millions is known for selling sales records that contain a lot of personal information,” and is
associated with Goldenshop.

Bybestos also represents a criminal market for Bingo and Yoho, members of the Bemini council said

Babest and GoldenShop Glass products, which means they sell
Credit card information and yes from both sources
Two groups of criminals are in custody, said Twin Advisor
“It’s easy to get our attention because the hackers are gone and they’re working for it,” he said
Exterior mirrors have been removed under Russian law

According to Twin Consultants, Bybest 201 was first released in 2013 and is widely available
This brought the market to 18 million
52 million individuals have leadership awards as individuals
Who provides the web with stolen information.

“The marketplace is known for displaying sensitive information, large numbers of Social Security, birthdays, property victims and people
attacked by the association. This is Ulla Ghani.”

Card Market Meeting

Traditionally, Bibist presented its own special forum.

“Most market” announces services for the underground industry
Some dominate dark online meetings, Gemini wrote.
He told the Council of Elders. The market coordinator called a meeting
As the Cardinals Bible Forum / ani Gold / a is a platform that anyone can refer to
Glass as a standard card brand
Facts: The card market is an additional area that focuses on illegal law.
Social activity: ”

Flint Group 2 has mostly open sites like and, as well as other websites accessible via Blacknet, in
other words: anonymous.

The sale of Russian cards was banned

Judicial police cited this as a Russian custom
Stop charging E2 on the online crime forum
Russian bank cards. “It’s not clear what Stroganoff is
Many sellers are still looking for them in the Russian market. If the answer is yes
The facts may turn out to be one of more than 90 suspects
Which can get the attention of the police. ”

He added that politicians have another opportunity to watch the show. According to him, given Burns negative stigma on the black
market last year, it was clear that his opponents were leading Mr Green marketplace.

Putin ordered

The arrest comes when President Vladimir Putin ordered the office to stop a crime that helped him online, says Gary Warner, head
of research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

In a speech to the Russian parliament this month, the Duma said: “I am proposing a proposal to take action to reduce crime.”

“Imagine what would happen if President Putin issued this order,” Warner said
The Ombudsman did something to minimize possible conflicts
Russia? The FSB is holding people back. ”

Fall from the crowd

BuyBest features are less historical in history
Russian authorities rarely accuse anyone of using the Internet.

An exceptional exception was made in October 2013, when the authorities announced that Dmitry E.’s “coup” was coming to an end.
After Fedotov and 27 more announcements. Singapore-based Group-IB said at the time that Fedotov was a popular actuarial producer
in the black hole – a crime prevention service that could be sold for $ 500 a month. Residual Description Package 1 is a
malware detection service.

Then the Interior Ministry announced
The business of the Black Cybercrime Group led to 1.22 million frauds
Against Russian banks.

Avoid: Russians traveling abroad are less at risk
Prosecutors from abroad because the Russian government did not give instructions
Followers. All Russians who choose their mother for piracy
This is an accident.

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