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British man raped for more than 11 years for smuggling 100 drugs from the Netherlands

Drug dealers involved in the theft of 100,000 people of cocaine and MDMA were arrested at Coventry airport.
11 years.

Joe Richensy, 31, of Lamington, used black internet to buy drugs in the Netherlands.
Across the UK.

After a two-year investigation by a Warwickhire police officer, seven people were charged.

The Warwick Crown Court heard at the Warwick Charlotte Center in Lamington Spa
Operation Celsius began in 2018. In February, police seized 100,000 cocaine and MDMA from Coventry Airport. This is healing
Police say they are making money through mailboxes.

Worcestershire Police said police will set up a network of drug addicts.
He is responsible for importing 13 other return items

The court ruled that the Ritchens could use the black website to control and send large sums of money to traders. Electronic
Donate Bitcoin. He then used Bitcoin to buy A-floor drugs in the Netherlands.

Research shows he has hundreds of thousands of pounds in a bank account to sell drugs.
He has been involved in serious crimes since 2012.

What’s the sentence?
Ghani was sentenced to two years in prison 11.5 In two cases, the plot was prohibited.
Group A (MDMA and hashish) sentenced them to 8 years in prison after paying for MDMA. Payment 8 years.
6 more years on MDMA drug purchase plans and free.

It also takes two years to bury, bury, move, bury / hide illegal objects.

Parables used at the same time.

Resolve the issue
According to researcher Richard Brown, the results should be clearly articulated for those who think they may be hiding behind
Darkness is dark places.

We will use all possible research tools, including ornaments, as well as the use and protection of technology.

We continue our efforts to disrupt drug trafficking in Warwickshire by ensuring the fairness of the participants.

Officials now want to ensure that rich people do not benefit from their procedures under the Penal Code (POCA). A.
The case was transferred to another court.

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