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British blackmail for counterfeit pills was sentenced to prison

Nina Alma’s wives began making and selling counterfeit drugs.

Ahmed Kareem, 23, is the son of Mirza, Nina Alma and Mohammad Kalki
23 or Terman Way, NW8; And Capella Adam Deba, 23, of Tolkien Park;
This is related to the MDMA product.
Cannabis and cannabis distribution competitions; And property

Spoken below: Cowie land
Police announced Mirza’s actions.

It was April 12. The results of a study conducted in Mirza
After home appliances are very valuable
Developing counterfeit Xenox drugs.

Product products include ball press, 1.5kg powder, and so on.
About 15 thousand false seeds. The key inside
The address was cocaine and MDMA with 8,000 cash.

Mirza, who was at home, was arrested.

Ahmad Karim Mirza with fake slogans and pictures [
Ahmed Karim Mirza, Comprehensive analysis of counterfeit tablets and prescriptions including telephone and CCTV analysis
Khalgi and Capella are involved in drug trafficking. It was like
He tried to enter the building at 9 a.m.
Alley Elms.

Investigators confirmed that the group used black internet for this purpose
Order and distribute as many fake pills as possible
United States, Australia and South America and after purchase
Pay with Bitcoin About 5000 tablets are shipped daily
Database showing the level of performance.

Operati Liam Herlihi, run by a terrorist group in the Middle East
The study “produces counterfeit drugs,” he said
This is kumaar haramm and very dangerous for those who cannot respond to those who can use it.
She deliberately contacted him.

The drugs seized after testing are not the same
The average dose is related to changes in mood
Good seeds. IFRS can lead to high risk
Some even agree with him.

Mirza, Khaleghi and Capela showed contempt for happiness
This number may be counterfeit
It was invented instead of relying on greed and profit.

Its complex functions include the distribution of temporary drugs
Antiretroviral drugs A and B are available worldwide in London
The area is directly damaged.

I am happy that they stopped working and are facing the consequences of their actions.

On Tuesday 27 August, he was sentenced to the Green Crown Forest
Five and a half years, Haleg four and nine years
Months and weeks from four to three months.

Pfizer Xanax Representative: Products for the manufacture of illegal drugs
It is difficult to detect an overdose of a particular drug
Dangerous because it is not removed from the bottom
Ensuring safety in controlled production conditions.

We are exposed to harmful substances such as boric acid and heavy metals
Varnish the floor. Pfizer is getting stronger again
A guide to fighting criminals and the criminals behind them
We will continue to work together throughout the law
Agencies around the world that can help you find, report and report
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