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British black drug dealer convicted

Counterfeit Elm men were arrested for making and selling counterfeit drugs.

Ahmed Karim Mirza, 23, and Mohammad Khalehi of Need Elms Labor
23, Dorman Way, NW8; And Adam’s Church, 23, Tolga Garden,
All of the NW6 MDMAs were convicted of conspiracy to commit trafficking.
Conspiracy to supply marijuana and ketamine. And features

Wood Court has determined that the investigation is ongoing
After police identified Mizarra’s activities.

This led to Mirzas search warrant on 12 April
In the house. Police found a large quantity of weapons in the house
Xanax for fraud.

The kits contain tables, 1.5 kg of flour and
About 15,000 units. It was found inside
Tobacco and cigarettes for MDMA, and 8,000 bags.

Mirza is trapped in the house.

Ahmed Karim Mirza’s pills and tricks
Ahmed Kareem Mirza with fake batteries and the press has tests including televisions and CCTV testing,
Post office with antique stores and pharmacies. two
He was arrested when he entered the ninth building
Elms Vai.

Investigators concluded that the group used dark networks
He taught her to go there and run the cooks
They are available and accepted in the United States, Australia and South America
Paying for bitcoin. About 5,000 tables are offered daily
This indicates the level of initial surgery.

Liam Hurlich, Chief Inspector for the Middle East Criminal Organization
At least he said: Fake
Illegal and negligent This is very dangerous
Don’t know everything.

No dust was available on examination
Adequate useful drugs including intravenous fluids
Tablet capacity. It is very dangerous
The health of the person holding them.

Mirza and Halegi and his team ignored the progress
Possible counterfeit drugs
Made with no sense and no drama.

Tablets can be provided
International medicines and their A and B are available locally in London
Local and harmful

I am happy that their work has ceased and that they have to face the consequences of their actions.

Mirza was sentenced on Tuesday, May 27, in Green County Provincial Court
Up to five and a half years, population – between the ages of four and nine
Temples for four and three months.

Xanax :: Lawyer, Lieutenant Pfizer
Real medicine is difficult to separate from fragments and is very expensive
When they are not older, they pose a threat to their genetic makeup
Check the production conditions to ensure their safety.

We found dangerous substances such as boric acid and heavy metals
Synthetic slices. Pfizer was always that way
The key is to steal it and deal with bad guys
for him. We work with all law firms
Global organizations that help you find, eliminate, and destroy slaves
Selling drugs.

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