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Border control contractor suspended after cyber attack

Updated July 1, 201

The United States has suspended border surveillance.
Cybertech (CBP) Customs and cross-border security
Get details about the observation.

Scan plate
And the perpetrator is not known
The attack, in which less than 100,000 passengers were photographed,
Photo with license plates, equipment, data on human resources, shops
Packages, financial statements, offers and other personal information,
According to the Washington Post
In the.

CBP announced the attack last month after an unknown contractor hired passengers.
Images on social media violate the agency’s rules.

In his last speech, Rics Tss
Tuesday is stupid and rejects all traffic
He said they are ready to join the government
CBPs function is to show its support.

A good contract protects you from doing business with the door
The government and the company can listen to the government
The companys closed SMS media tried to capture the show but failed

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