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BlueCap encourages Microsoft users to download

darknet BlueCap encourages Microsoft users to download
Darknet BlueCap encourages Microsoft users to download

Created in 2019. July 18

Microsoft is actively involved in providing security services
[For a long time
Operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows XP
Website 2003 May. In the middle. This is called hunting ground.
Older versions of Windows are weak
WannaCry eventually stores the same software as the computer
2017. Software developer can take a few weeks, but most applications remain
Not to be outdone, Microsoft believes Bali Kip is not doing well
Currently in the forest.

Microsoft has been supporting Windows XP for over a year
2017 In the end. But it’s still millions of dollars
XP works and many of them are in high-tech companies
Business technology for the adoption of new technologies.

After reporting the error, Microsoft decided to correct the error
(CVE-2019-0708) Secrets. This is called weakness (now known)
Papaberries) is a virus that refers to the spread of infected individuals.
Techniques like WannaCry. Everything Microsoft does
Contact Web Call Installation Services. windows 8
And 10 is still safe.

Scientists have discovered that this could lead to dramatic changes
BlueKeep, but thought they would not ratify code of terms like this
the damage is very serious. Plus, Microsoft is already safe
Wild stream activity is a standard command
When prompted for an RDP (Desktop Protocol) protocol, the attacker can activate the configuration number and
This computer can be used to set up a computer, steal data and even
Buy card lock system.

> .
Security update CVE-2019-0708, released on May 14, 2019,
but new public records have revealed nearly a million computers
still ill.

Microsoft recommends upgrading all affected systems.

Security Response (@msftsecresponse) May 31, 2019

At the time,
Security experts estimate that windowsboxes are closer to $ 10 million
Directly link the plan to a weak web site. Able to
Only the tip of the iceberg can serve as a weak machine
Intranet gateway with more and more plans.

From caimanitam
Microsoft boss Boba has repeated the case
People are updating their programs with current schemes. Windows 7A
New server pages are automatically updated, but not on Windows
XP and Server 2003 require manual updates [
Most of these systems are autopilot
Discover new articles. Poultry bison can not be repaired
it means

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