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Blea Jing Microsoft needs package users

July 18, 2019

Microsoft took an unusual step to get out of security
[Long time ago
Windows XP and Phase Out operating systems
Multimedia presenter, May 2003. At that time a new discovery was announced.
In previous versions of Windows, vulnerabilities could do just that.
Destroy a computer like WannaCry Ransomware
2017. The update is available for weeks, but there are different systems
Microsoft will definitely take advantage of the latest version
Now in the dark

Microsoft took a few years to lose Windows XP support
The end of 2017. But there are still millions of computers
Most of them are part of an important infrastructure during XP and
Operating environment in which new operating systems are not running.

Microsoft announced the patch and decided to store information about the error
(CVE-2019-0708) Secretly Threatened (Known)
Blue cap) was applicable, that is, it could reach the relevant people
Systems like WannaCry. Microsoft would say:
How to do something with external components of Windows 8
And 10 is completely safe.

Researchers have shown that growing a farm is easier
However, BlueKeep decided not to publish the draft code.
This is a dangerous vulnerability. But Microsoft is not sure
Exploitation takes place in nature. Sent by special remote control
Attackers can execute their password by requesting a desktop protocol (RDP).
Computers: Can be used for malicious installation, data theft or even upload
Lock your system with a ransomware.

> A:
Security update CVE-2019-0708 was announced on May 14, 2019.
But recently the public has shown that there are about 1 million computers.
It is still weak

Microsoft recommends that you update all damaged systems as soon as possible.

Security measures (msftsecresponse) on May 31, 2019

Security experts estimate that there are about one million windows
Everything connected directly to the network is connected to the blue cap. I am
The printer can act as an ice pack
There is a sympathetic organization in local families.

Founder of Board Development, Micro-Fit Support Event
Upgrade your computer with the latest features. Windows 7a
Updates will be upgraded, but not Windows
XP and Server 2003 Required Training
Most of these systems run unmanned
Check out the new set. It is not possible to be hungry for the Blue Cape
there is nothing.

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