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Black Web (full schema podcast)

darknet Black Web (full schema podcast)
Darknet Black Web (full schema podcast)

Websites in the dark are the best place for consumers, and there are over 10,000 different types of drugs.

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The Life of God through a short-lived technology
Johnson: The AARP main event is turning up this week.

. ^ E Ha yM.
People are not there for no good reason.

I go back to the people I know, people I’ve never met before and I don’t care. I was a poor person at the time.

“I love Johnson. I have it
My colleague is Frank Abgnial, the AARP Fraud Network Ambassador. Frank, how about you?
Frank Abgnal: Thank you for coming back. Thank you.

“Do you think so?”

Frank Abgnal: But I didn’t miss it.

Will Johnson: You can do it for 40 years.

Frank Abagonle: Yes.

Johnson: Isn’t that so? I don’t know who’s playing, but I think Leo could come back, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Because our podcast is about cheating, we want to spend an episode on the web. The dark web is a computer crime
Lie down, drugs, guns, your social security number, name it. AARP Fraud Watch Network expert Doug Shadell has died
This is the first you can see on a tour of the Dark Web.

Doug Saddle: The Dark Network debuted in early 2000 and was invented by the United States Navy. Try
Provide your employees abroad with a unique communication channel for anonymous communication. So they created this software
Junior router, known as TOR. All you need on the Dark Web is a T-O-R, criminals have already seen.
Ever since the technology was first adopted, he said: Wait, can we communicate anonymously? Let’s try it
C. That’s a great idea because we want to sell a lot of drugs. About 80 percent of Dark Web crime is drug-related
Human trafficking. Any drug you think may be sold on the Dark Web. There are digital devices for buying and selling
Good. This is your digital identity and my digital identity, Will. What is a digital identity? Problems such as social security
Numbers and personal data.

Will Johnson: Deeper into the dark as it starts, how it works, where it is
Today we move on to the first version, Brett Johnson. Today, the board is considered the inventor of the Internet. Today
Brett’s life changed. Federal Investigations, Secret Service,
Private companies are fighting cyber crime.

I sat on the board and talked for 90 minutes or so and after the conversation I said he felt weird.
Too many classes were victims of this scam. But the board has a great story to help us get through
A criminal approach.

Music Department


Brett Johnson: They did. I am proud of the name, but he said it.

Johnson: Brett probably knows more about the dark side of the web than most people.

Brett Johnson: Almost more than anyone else on The Dark Knight and Crime online. There may be a few
People who can stop me are blocked.

Johnson: Finally, I greet you. Thats why its the first time you start dating online
Sales, Can I call?

Brett Johnson: Yes, no

Will Johnson: Human Trafficking and Yes, Negatives.

Brett Johnson: So we created the first line, which is the first area of cyber crime. This is called the short term
This pioneering Dark Net market has introduced a new method of computer vision

Johnson: Brett Johnson grew up in Eastern Kentucky. He calls his mother a liar
Where are you big? 108,000 burglars and catarrhal weapons began to enter the shop
Contact the owner.

Brett Johnson: It’s catchy, no, I mean it can be physical, but verbally, it’s going to be bigger.
The brain is unconscious. And my husband and I will be alone for the day. By then, he had given it to his father
I’m not there, but I’m 10, it’s my sister. My mother died a few days ago. There was no food in our house. And we’re both
The baby that always comes from the mother. You know why I live, I look, I lose, I click.
On and across this road, I have always been scared and upset. Denise, is a year old today
In his youth, he was always a boy. Forgive me. Been there for a few days. One day Denis joined
There are pig bells in the house and both. Where can I find you and I’m awake to be you
Like, hmm, show me how.

Will Johnson: According to Brett, his sin began when he was 10 years old. Brett, his sister and his mother all
Shopping and stealing

Brett Johnson: I don’t care about someone choosing my parents as an adult. it’s a good thing
My goal is to break the law.

Wilson Johnson: Ch, w, it’s interesting to talk about the environment. I told you but yes
This means he is not a good role model, and he knows it will work. this
it is useful

Brett John Onsen. It is right

Our Onsen. Do you remember the first time you were connected to a computer?

Brett Jones Onsen. My first computer is a Texas-DI-994A. I was 11 years old and I think so
Time: This is definitely just a popular video game machine. Of course, yes, I know, because it is known in advance
The Internet is probably 94 or 95.

Williams. Yes, Al is very angry with me. Neither does BT

Bart Johnson: Wow, yes, I’m on the computer and so on. What are my thoughts today?

Hard work

Johnson: One of Brett’s first victims was a drug overdose.
She wants a blue map on eBay for $ 1,500. He bought signature music journalism and read it since 1996.
There is an open source for information on how to access cheap TVs and cables, as well as users who want to pay. Flowchart
Enter the cyber crime world.

Your reactions raise such questions, which means you are not a smart person and you can change things.

Brett Johnson: Yes.

Johnson: First. I mean, you are today, but someone who is fast or thoughtful in your relationship will do it
From a young age, you can leave with the staff.

Brett Johnson: No, it helps to think, but I have the worst parents. Yes, I came here
Mold is my mother. My father was the kind of guy his mother wanted him to love, so I added it all.
She let me in and told people to come home, but Sarah still talked to her and said my brother would hurt her.
But he left it at that. Try not to lose love. As I got older, I put it down
This is the mentality I have developed. I dont want anyone to leave me. I dont want to lose my reasons
So I went to a place where I didn’t want to tell them they were leaving. I don’t want to work. I
I am always here to help. I am a loyal person, so it is a sign of trust
Therefore. Okay, let me just say I found it very good because its something Ive never experienced before. I
It always justifies my sin.

Johnson: And blame every offense or if they continue, you do.

Brett Johnson: It didn’t exist before. Yeah Al that’s so disgusting to me, looks like a BT ant to me
Think about it, and your section is what happens when you commit a crime online, so you can’t see it
For victims. You’re right, you’re looking for information on the web or connecting with a person and that’s it
It helps, it helped me break the law all the way.

Jason: When did the Dark Web start? Finally, launch one of the first online stores. Go to me
Too far

Brett Johnson: No, no.

Jason: Dark network, does it exist?

After all, he became a businessman and now it’s a vibrant economy. That, 90, 96 when I was ah
You bought a pirated card game, right? When I was 97 when I left I decided to clean up
For this I need a fake ID. So I don’t know where the fake ID comes from. Everything I did was online. Check it out and think I
could find it
The person who issued the ID sent me a photo, sent me $ 200, and fired me. Is it okay? And I am very happy. IAM was very angry.
That’s it
I was looking for people who could give them ID. I know that. The person closest to me is called Site
Libraries are fake and what they sell is fake titles. He was still there. But there’s a conference there, isn’t it
Use each other so I go to conferences and just complain every day to make me happy
Please provide incorrect IDs. These two men happened while I was there. One of them is called flight equipment, hehe
From Mustrop, Saskatchewan and another Mr. From all chemists and storks

Johnson again: are you happy with your name Gollum?

Brett Johnson: My name was Gollum Fun back then.

Johnson says: Do you know that? Are you a rings fan

Brett Johnson: No, I’m an ordinary person. Not I So I still feel good about Beelzebub
They talk about obtaining certificates. Then one day you send a message to the ICQ, which is a messaging service, and Gulom sends
it. ”
I can tell you. I like it too However, I like it, do well and send it to me. It looks like this.
I could give it for free, but we never did. I paid $ 200. He said go
This is because if you are going to do this business online, people need to do it for you. And I love it
You know, that’s why I’m friends with someone who already has a web site. I like it, I say
I’ll post $ 200, but I can open this forum when it releases me. So I sent $ 200, and I sent two pictures
A few weeks later, two weeks later, I received this Indiana letter from Stephen Schweck. What did Bezalel do after that?
Do you want to sell your identity, do you have any idea that hell is bothering me, do you want me to check out all the products
Services are provided by this forum. So during that time, I made friends with site owners and asked them
May I check the conference? And they like it, you can. So I have this forum, Beibel wants you to check it out
Product and you say you have to do it to understand how this product works. You may ask
Everything comes to mind and you can learn to do it. I want that to be a good idea. Knife. So I’ll do that
We’re talking because there is no parallel world in the world.

Will Will Johnson: I asked. time

Brett Johnson: That’s the first place and they come.

Johnson: And you’ve just found the market?

Brett Johnson: Product Review

Will Johnson: People build websites

Brett Johnson: So somebody has a fake ID and sent me a fake ID.

Johnson: Is everything fake, bad, or illegal?

Brett Joe Onison. What is the legal issue?

Abu Osama. Like t-shirts or jeans

Brett Joe Anison. So no, everything is fine.

O Susana. Or I bought a straw hat.

Brett Johnson: No, it’s not illegal. If someone does, something will happen
Remember you must send me a copy so that I can sell in those discussions All goes for good or bad credit cards.
Or something like him.

Monday night

You: Brett later joined the founder of the Ukrainian web site, Carder Planet. It was an attempted attempt
Credit card numbers and Brett knows how to pay them.

Brett Johnson: So he’s our co-worker, and he’s making me useless.
Original work of Shadows Gut Darknet Market.

Is Johnson: Brett added 10,000 runners to build the site in previous years.

Brett Johnson: A member who knows what he’s doing can benefit from the truth
Buy the bag, buy it.

Will Johnson: They’ve found a way to put their behavior on a fake paper.
Make money at ATMs. He earned a lot of money.

Brett Johnson: We started stealing, but it was 2000, 7000 people a day.

Mehr Johnson: But you can make a lot of money at ATMs, right?

Brett Johnson: Everything.

Johnson: Is something wrong with you?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, Map, we really want to get to the ATM.

Johnson: But in 2001, Brett started following the rules of the site.

Brett Johnson: I was looking for a way out, at that time, man, I think I called you,
I am facing this SOB internet or revenue theft.

Johnson: I got it.

Brett Johnson: It’s very popular
Yes, smugglers. This man said, That man, I started in 2003. Now thats really important
When I steal 200 IM, I steal 1,606,000 per week.

You go to ns Onson. You did.

Brett John Onson. Do and do

ns onson. And then you went crazy?

Brett John Onson. Yes, Al, I found it a little sad. It doesn’t happen to me. I was afraid there would be 30 prisons, so
I refused
Web page

Will Johnson: That’s why you’re scared. Did you make a lot of money?

Brett Johnson: No, I didn’t do anything; I stole a lot of money. If you have a tax problem with the cardigan,
When I created Cardian, I made $ 30,000 – $ 40,000 a month. Now tax fraud has stopped. On tax evasion
I stole $ 160,000 a week for ten months a year.

This is Johnson: Did you put all the money under the rug?

Brett Johnson: They told me it was the first offense. One of the sports bags is for kids
Always go here, it will save you $ 150,000 in 20 seconds.
OK, and I did it because I had to pay taxes every 6 hours until Sunday
On Wednesday, 8 hours a day, the tax returns 200 pounds of income per week, so thats 80% of the income. Walk and work until
Start with ATMs, ask about ATMs on Friday or Saturday mornings
This week, Id issued ATMs in 20 cases. Come back on Sunday; getting Started. To make money go away
the bag he had in his hand so far. This kindergarten is located in Charleston, South Carolina. He grabbed my luggage
Chuck came to the hotel and saw that each bag contained a full 150,000 people in that bag.


Johnson: Say, automatic cash registers come out without cheating or furious
Not just credit card numbers but also weapons and drugs?

Brett Johnson: There are three rules that apply to the last company. And these rules aren’t bad
No money, drugs or videos for kids. And we have never engaged in child pornography. Drugs or weapons
Because we worked … it was Glock or Beretta. It works in a factory. And that
You managed to dispose of the weapon without a phone and now it sells for 2000 . That’s what we do
Get out of here. No matter, medicine is another director’s responsibility, he always wants to be injected. This is the last one
The first thing we promised the shadow team was the sale of Stasy. There are people who have 40,000 tablets
Something when Emmy was enthusiastic, people sold tea, cannabis, and eventually it became a factor.

Will Johnson: On October 26, 2004, the United States Department of Defense arrested 33 people for six hours in six countries.
Brett was there
The same man ran away. But it does not last long. The law would have discovered this in 2005.

Brett Johnson: I was in Charleston, South Carolina and I got the UPS diamonds
Transfer of money to order, business money. I turned myself in and found the driver at the address where I was falling, he told
me, he said my name and said
You have a package. The package gave me and gave me a check, assuming it was $ 23,000. And he returns
The FBI and Charleston, South Carolina police, hugged me with a gun and looked at me.

SEGU Music

Will Johnson: While the Briton is in prison, the Secret Service visits him. He gave her something. How
Theyve spent a few months on the road and theyre showing people exactly how the Internet works.

Brett Johnson: I’m going tonight, there’s $ 30 left, I have to go with you when you leave the secret service
Go to Walmart in the hotel room and buy a prepaid debit card before cheating. I do, I do …
Secret service for 10 months and violation of the law every day for 10 months.

Show here

There’s Nasson: Bert connected. But he never loses or breaks the law. He went to Vegas,
And then to Orlando in the world of Disney, where you try to walk and walk in parks almost every day. But Hess was arrested again
and returned
He was sentenced to 76 months in prison.

Bert nsonson: White criminals start sending them if they don’t have a crime.
People like me are allowed to be sent to a high-security federal camp to work in closed session.
and all. I worked on vacation and worked for six weeks, after which I left for the day. I have others
The miners fled and threw money packages at their phones and ID cards. Yeah, Al that sounds pretty shit to me, it looks like I’m
not feeling well either. Obviously BT is not for me either.
At the same time, American airports are not fully operational and I expect some Ukrainian immigrants who know how to earn more.
I was never arrested, oh, oh, this time they sent me to Texas.

nsonson: Did you both shudder?

Brett Johnson: Oh, now you see. I tasted the red hair and had this big red carpet
And relax. And yes, I realize Im the billionaire who made that joke.

Watson: But you know.

Brett Johnson: Yes. They were lucky.

Will Nelson: Brett is in jail again and thankfully you first remember that his father didn’t survive.

Brett Johnson: My dad came to arrest me in the state jail. Government prisoners
Watch for 10 minutes. He asked me if you have any doubts, what can I do for you? I like, I said, my sister
Then he called Dennis, who is Dennis, and I was from Kentucky, and on the evening of the seventh day, Dennis from North Carolina.
Pregnant Dennis walked for 10 minutes. And,
When he was sent, I was in prison for eight months and sent to a prison in Texas.
Again, five years ago, two years passed, and I think I have a reason to go
Jail and youth not because I did it to help people, but because I decided to break the law.

Johnson: Are you looking for ghosts?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, you want to go there, and a lot of people come because prison is so boring.
When you have not committed violence, you need to think about what you need to do. So you have to go to this place
Yes, I did something wrong or accused someone of falling. And I’m lucky
I agree. So I know this issue, I raised it in 2011 and I hope I never break the law. But when I let him go
The imported group has edited you. So I was on trial for three years and couldn’t deal with it
Computers Computers. I only had tear gas. I was happy because I made 400
I worked a week and I was fine. I ran from the grass and the wind.

Play music

Will Johnson: Meanwhile, Brett meets Michelle and marries her, but she returns to what she did without work.
The good

Brett Johnson: Michelle is the only worker. It is the only money. I like what i have
I have to do something. I need to understand I shop online and steal credit cards
I order food and they pack me up and go to prison for 10 months. And Michelle, who is standing next to him. He (sinks)
op) Unfortunately, um, never asked him, never, oh, never hesitated, he was there.

William Johnson: Something happened in his last prison, or more importantly, someone
Like Michelle, who is outside, she did not disappoint. Determine if you are ordering things correctly.

Brett Johnson: So I always meet on LinkedIn. You know that the vast majority of cybercriminals are involved
Cybercrime returns when the crime returns from Pittsburgh. I have sent the message
LinkedIn, I respect everything. I think he did a wonderful job, he really respects you
I want everything to be legal. And he believed in me.

Johnson: The board builds the partnership it needs to start a new world. The police started calling
This company and everything it provides on the Windows site. Today is here; Discover the secrets of the online community today
This helps to grow into much darker material.

Brett Johnson: Let me give you an idea of how, how and how much has grown since the beginning of my life, which was
concluded by Shadow Cove.
That ended with 4,000 participants. On July 5 last year, a site called AlphaBay shut down the Dark Web. It will be far
They have hundreds of thousands of people in one place.


Wilson Johnson: And when you think of someone who first started working on the Internet, you say you know you did it.
The first fake sick child is your blue color. Is it anything different from what I see?

Brett Johnson: No, I don’t think others are different. Yes, about insurance, yes, I know why it is so popular
Others. I am still that boy. Well, about insurance, yes, I know why it is so widely used. Give me
I don’t think he came back. But I could see what I knew
If your actions affect others, you know you are lost. I stole from people I knew who had never worked
If I can. Well, about insurance, yes, I know why it is so widely used. Neither me nor I are good
I’m human now, but I’m fine, but I’m running. I can’t fix it, but I can.
I’m sure they will share with me, rather than undermine my future decisions.

Music Exhibition

Wilson John: Back to Aquac Frank Abagnell, a fraudster. Many scams and crimes
There are no records and phone numbers, credit cards and so on.
The opposite

Frank Abagnell: I always remind people that there are two ways to make money selling information! Finance
And in terms of information, information is money, and they are the best-selling and best-selling sellers on the dark internet.
Development on the Internet. The only thing that happens in the room is that it acts like a car tied to a belt.
There is information about this on the screen. Now proceed

If anything, its your personal bank account and youre worried, oh, its for sale on a black page and it could be like that.
We are doing this

Frank Abnagel: You know reading and writing is my favorite thing: I don’t have money.
I only use my credit card. No credit cards, just Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card credit cards. On a daily basis
In my life, I take money from credit card companies. I don’t pay, my money is in the deposit market
You have to be interested. No one knows if it is. I came to the mall using my credit card
I use my credit card to clean up. I came this morning with an aorta credit card. I’m still doing
I have to keep my number, but if someone gets my number, I can pay $ 1 million tomorrow.
According to trade union law, my duty is zero. Either I use my credit card and pay or part of the bill
If he has a small debit account, many loans make a credit history
You steal money from your bank account. You can use your bank card ten times in the next 20 years.
One day and you dont increase your growth in inches. As a result, I only use my credit card. If i buy
Something is expected online and suddenly. If I want to buy something broken on the internet, it is not paid, it is.
Protected I always say that if I go online, the site will not make any difference and I instruct you to save some of what is
Notes I am very scared that my credit card is on the black page because I do not have a debit card,
I will not issue it to the credit card company within 300 days of receiving it.
By my definition, I am not responsible for these cards.

Johnson: And about the money? A Making a Soul?

Frank Abnagel: I write with the bank’s ATM. I don’t like the MasterCard logo on VIS. I have a visa
They do not want a loan.

Will Nonson. If they had these people before.

Frank Abagalel. All right.

Will Nonson. I think this is the first time

Frank Abator. They still do. When I told my bank, I needed an ATM card.

Will Johnson: Well, use a credit card, accept Franks offer, and look for an ATM card for a loan.

Frank Abanyal: Yes. I can assure you if you go and do what you do, Im who
I need money abroad and use a Visa or MasterCard card from my car. He paid the price, but I understand the cost
This is a cheap insurance that has a bank account other than a Visa account.

Johnson: So Jin Bim, who runs our Facebook page, is very impressed with his words and advice.
A “network tracking error” has changed the way your site sells and converts
especially. So he was careful, but now he wants to put it into his words.

This is the music now

Will Johnson: Thank you for coming back here.

Gene Beam: Hi, Willy, thanks for letting me know.

Johnson: What place did we design? Say Jean Pim Salary.

Gin Fiber: Oh, em.

Will Nonson. .It’s not true.

It will be so. I didnt grow up. I have an internet page on Facebook. Look at the deception
And I went crazy.

Will Nonson. It can happen anywhere and anywhere. Let me tell you what happens.

It will be so. Well, well, because I work so hard on scams, Im very used to checking credit card messages.
Usually, I still have my credit score, Berus credit, and I think I did everything right.
I checked my credit card statement this morning and found a two-month fee for a transsexual check. And:
Two truck profiles have 19 per 19.95 and I see red. I think Im crazy, the relationship started
They ask because they have doubled their credit rating, so I doubt it will be confusing.
After all, I was very excited and I dont think so. I had 800 calls since then
It has already been uploaded to my credit card . While there, I confirmed my personal information, such a wonderful
woman on the phone
I am very noisy, I like OHHH and now I call and call his credit card.
That’s what I had to do from the beginning.


Jane Beam: Come on, follow me on

Johnson: Well, thank you very much. I thank my colleague Frank Abanali, ambassador for the fraud investigation

Frank Abanal: Good morning. Thanks for accepting me.

Visit the AARP Watch Fraud Watch network,,. Thanks a lot of liars; Uli Gates, Brooke
Ellis is a sound recording machine, vocalist Steve Steveletlet and Julio Gonzalez. The success of AARP strategist is Will

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