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Black God (Sccat Perfetti)

darknet Black God (Sccat Perfetti)
Darknet Black God (Sccat Perfetti)

Black is online, millions can be sold online, and over 10,000 items can be bought online.

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The mountain of God is darkness
Will Johnson: AARP beauty pageant will be announced this week.

I think there are 171,000 pages on this site and every 171,000 names
People are not in the clear.

I steal from people I know, people I don’t know, and they forget. I was angry.

Johnson: Welcome to this year’s AARP Perfect Scam podcast. Will Johnson, here it is
My advisor is AARP Superintendent Frank Abanyal. Frank, how are you
Frank Abanyal: Well to go, hello, thank you.

Johnson: Frank, I think if we can, we can move on to Catch Me. I understand you
Is he alone?

Frank Abanyal: But I’m talking about it

Will Johnson: You can work 40 years of your life.

Frank Abngel: Great.

Johnson: Right? I don’t know who will join, but I think Leo and Leonardo DiCaprio will be back.
Because our podcasts are about scams, we want to talk about the Dark Web. The black Internet is a cyber criminal
Health, development, medicine, weapons, identifiers, as you say. ARP fraud expert Doug Chadel promotes the position
Meet them on a dark web journey

Doug Chadle: Black Net, built by the US Navy in the early 2000s. You are trying
He created this software to access international job communication channels to speak anonymously
Arc router called tour. T-O-R is needed for dark web access, but criminals start to see this,
When technology users talk soon, wait, can we talk anonymously? let’s see
It’s correct. This is a great idea because we want to sell more drugs. There are 80 types of black drugs online
Businesses that sell all the drugs you can think of on the Internet. Buy and sell digital
Merchandise will be your digital identity and my digital identity. What is digital property? Just like your social security
Numbers and personal information.

Will Johnson: Advanced understanding of the black side, how it started, how it worked, and where it came from.
Today we go to the origin, Brett Johnson. Many people think that Brett is the author of the dark site that it is today. Today,
Life has changed dramatically. He uses his expertise for good people like the FBI, intelligence and advisers
Private company dealing with cybercrime.

I sat down with Brett and we talked for about 90 minutes, and I must say that it was a pleasure to know when we were talking.
There are many common wounds that occur in many presentations. But Brett has a good story and he helped us
Cybernetic brain.

Music section


Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’m not a super star, but they say it.


People are coming
They were bound, I don’t know.

Will Johnson: Finally worked for them. If you publish a website first
Buy, if I can name it?

Brett Joh Onson. Yes

ns onson. Lead bad things

Brett Joh Onson. That’s right, my first online meeting was named Shadow Staff.
This is the beginning of Dark Net market and is the basis of modern cybercrime.

ns onson. Brett Johnson grew up in the Kentucky Archangel. He explained that his mother was doing business
He took everything he grew up with and stole 108,000 traitors from the hall.
Advertising sponsorship

Brett Johnson: He was tortured, no, I think he’s dead. But these are what it feels like
Emotionally, I don’t care, he leaves me and my sister for a while. So he left his father
But I am actually 10 years old and my 9 year old sister. My mother stood for several days. We dont eat at home and neither do I.
Baby Ah is often afraid that her mother will come back. You know, I look out the window
On the way and see if he ran down the street back home, so I was always scared and worried about Dennis for a year.
9 Shes always a mentally ill child, crazy about it. A few days passed, the first day joined.
This house and gypsum package with you? He also liked it, I stole it from the sea
Show me how it looks like a process.

Will Anson: Brett said that his crime story began when he was 10 years old and started with his sister and mother
Combine store and style together

Brett Johnson: I don’t want anyone to think I’m blaming my parents for choosing them as adults.
My choice is invalid.

Will Anson: The environment needs to be informed. I appreciate what you do but I do it
This means that you are definitely not the best model and you have worked without eating.
Necessary, necessary

Brett Johnson: All right.

Johnson: Remember when you got to the computer?

Brett Johnson: My first computer with me was the Texas Instruments TI-994A. When I was 11, I felt like I was entering
That watch is just a glorious videogame. I seriously went there for the first time
Maybe there are 94, 95 online.

Johnson: Yeah, the best question is whether you’re involved in the outside world

Brett Johnson: I was on the computer and I was an expert on it.

Keep singing

Johnson: One of the first crimes was his death. Babies with dark blue pants are for sale.
They bought the blue elephant on eBay for $ 1,500. He sold baskets under the brand name of a fake player and in 1996 recognized
How to use a small satellite system with B-X cable, open channel for customers who want to pay for H
Enter the world of the Internet.

It’s like asking questions. Clearly, intelligent people can make things worthwhile.

Brett Johnson: Yes.

Johnson’s: Now. I mean, you have it now, but whenever you do it to you, or it’s just too easy in your mind.
It was swimming, we shed.

Brett Johnson: No, that’s right, this way of thinking helps, but I have a bad idea about my parents. OK, that’s why I
got it
My mother was guilty of the crime. My son is my father, he wants my mother to love him and listen to all this.
The girl left in her and shouted with the man to enter the house, but escaped there. I told my sister not to discuss it
But he will do it forever, but it will last forever. I try to avoid losing my love. As I got older, I became a boy
I have developed knowledge. I dont want people leaving me. I do not want to lose the people who are important to me
It’s bad enough that I’m so close that I don’t want to run away from them. I didn’t go to work. I.
I want to make sure I’m always there to help them. I am a very independent person as I am addicted
He brought us. Unh, and I get to the point of yes, I give people a down and try to do that. I.
Always correct my mistake.

Johnson: If he can’t, he can live with the perfect family.

Brett Johnson: Nothing has happened yet. Yes, that didnt happen because I was sitting there
I want to know how not to be able to lead to loneliness online.
Victims have a good face, you are just looking for information on the internet and nothing to do with anything.
It helps me keep the law.

Johnson John: When did the night network start? So you finally set up one of the first online stores. ES devos
Is it far?

Brett Johnson: No, no.

Is it dark Johnson?

Brett Johnson: No, there are cybercrimes, so I’m there because cybercrime is a crime,
So, the business and your own home today. Yes, I was 0.96 when I was there
Is it possible to sell illegal crown cards? The years passed and I decided to donate money, it happened
I need a fake sticker for this. So I didn’t know where to find the fake card, so I looked around and thought I could find it.
The guy who introduced me sent me a picture, sent me 200 and took me out. O.K He was very surprised. I was impressed. like
I’m looking for people who can provide ID. I couldn’t meet. Next time we see you on a website
The library is fake and everything that is sold is fake. It happened. But there is a forum that I do not know
Someone used it, so I went to the forum and complained that someone was hurting every day.
This is a fake server. So I showed them both. Beelzebub is one
Another man from Soskachevan, Mostoft, is Mr. X from Los Angeles

JOSON: And your first name is Golam?

Brett Johnson: My name is Golam Fun.

JOSHAN: Do you think so? Are you a big money fan?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I’m a DJ. Yes, I like it. Not good for my BT
It tells you how to create identical cards. One day he sent me a text message to ICQ and a service like Golam.
Can I give an ID, can’t I? I liked Hess, yes, I did very well. Here it is
Here is a gift I can give you, but it is not. There are 200 of you. He said I was going
If you run this online company, you have to trust people. I like that it adds a lot to me
Did you know that you are already making friends with blogs? What can I tell you?
I will send 200, but if you take a break, you will not be released. I sent him 200,200 and he sent me two pictures
Two weeks later, two weeks later, I received this Indian ID from Stephen Schwab. Beelzebub does that
I want to buy, for me, hell has changed, he wants to control every product or
The service comes to this event. I fell in love with the website owners and asked them
Can I manage the event? Yes you can. By agreeing to the deal, Belzebub will review everything
The unique style says you have to do it to understand how these products work. You can ask questions
Learn how to do what you want. Great idea. Let’s do that. When I start
Because we dont have a website like Mondo, we say it verbally.

Johnson does: please. It seems so

Brett Johnson: That’s the first place and they play

Johnson: Do you control the products?

Brett Johnson: It’s just a test product.

Will Johnson: People create web pages.

Brett Johnson: So some people send me my ID after they have fake ID.

Johnson: This is all fake or bad, or right?

Brett Johnson: What about fair trade?

Will Johnson: T-shirt or whatever

Brian Johnson: All right.

Will Johnson: Plants are being put up for sale.

Burt Johnson: No, it’s all illegal stuff. So when one has it, if someone uses it
So, I’d like to send checks in the hall to sell them. Credit card or similar credit card
Or something similar.

The music is on

Will Johnson: Brittany finally gets involved with a Ukrainian space company called Carter Planet. You from
Credit card numbers and Brit know how to pay.

Barrett Johnson: So, work for us, come back again. Therefore, we produce dishes and
Shadow Crow is actually an Darknet Market right now.

Johnson Arrives: Brett has been on stage for three years and has four thousand members.

Brett Johnson: Experienced members can make $ 30 to $ 40,000 a month to pay off debt.
Menu. Advertising for shopping.

Johnson: They’ve already taken the method of putting out magnetic buttons for fake cards.
Make Money With ATMs It brought a lot of money.

Bert Johnson: We started stealing from $ 30 to $ 40,000 a month and $ 30,000 a day.

Wilson: You can make a lot of money with ATMs, right?

Brett Johnson: Yes.

Johnson: Yes, is it different?

Brett Johnson: Yes, that map, a real road map used by ATMs.

Will Johnson: But in 2001, Brett took legal action in the area.

In the.
Say I’m a SOB. Yes, it is true that you have now come to the Lord of the Rings.

You? Johnson: Know the oil.

Theft can be detected. I am that person. I’m just getting started. Actually, yes, I know why, and this is something you know in
advance. Why
2003 I. I steal, 160,000 steals a week.

Johnson: That’s why you do this.

Brett Johnson: If you do,

Johnson: Did you start running?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I understand. I was scared of 30 years in prison so I was discharged.

That’s you, Johnson: that’s how you built it. Are you planning to make a lot of money now?

Brett Johnson: Actually, I didn’t do anything, I stole a lot of money. Um et al., Tax Fraud for Cardinals,
I earn 30,000.40.40,000,000 a month while doing cardio. Now the income tax has jumped with fraud. About tax fraud
I stole 160,000 every week for 10 months.

You Johnson: And you put all the money under the mattress?

Brett Johnson: I put all the money in my wallet. So, one of these public sports bags is designed for children
Go to the regular class, earning .000 150,000 in 20 seconds. I know he will bring you back
Okay, as far as I understand, I pay my respects every six minutes, I file tax returns on individual documents from week to week
Wednesday, 8 hours a day, 200 feet a week report; Thus, 80% of these 200 are taxed. I will take a step on Thursday
Friday or Saturday at 2:50 p.m., before the ATM course. Make money at ATMs
This weekend, they will get everything except AT20 from an ATM. He returned on Sunday; Restart. The money came
My backpack is in front of me and I have this farm in Charleston, South Carolina and someone brought a bag to me
There are bottles in the closet and each bag has a thousand and a half thousand wounds.

How many days

Yes, Johnson: Sorry, it’s not surprising what they did to the atmosphere of the ATM machine.
Perhaps his credit card number may be wrong over time, but do he have a weapon and a drug?

Brett Johnson: I have three rules for shadow workers. And those laws are not wrong
No medals, drugs, or child pornography. And we are never caught up in child pornography. Yes i know sooner
Probably because I have someone working at UH, whether it be Glock or Beretta. He worked in industry. And he
He managed to find undisclosed weapons in them and sold them as pop-ups in 2000. That is our way
He started giving. The drug is clear that he (my other supervisor) always wanted to swallow the drug. There is
Many years after Shadow Crew, Ecstasy was the first to stop selling. So I have someone who has to pay 40,000 pills
Well, during my peaceful time, I got people selling marijuana, marijuana, and finally oxytocin.

Wilnonson: October 26, 2004, UD. Secret Service has arrested 33 people in six of six states. This is bullet
The only thing left. Not so long. The law was adopted in 2005.

Brett Johnson: I’m in Charleston, South Carolina. Collect diamonds from UPS.
Delivery and delivery by COD command. Yes, I met the driver at the scene. He told me. I told him. My name. He said.
I have a package. He gives me a package and I give it to him. I think it is 23,000. 23,000 I will not turn back.
FBI department and Charleston, Uh South Carolina. Look at me.


Will Johnson: A prisoner in Bretts is serving in intelligence for five years.
A few months ago without showing good results of Dark Web.

Brett Johnson: One night I left. I still have $ 30 left, and as soon as the Secret Service leaves me, I’ll finish it.
I’ll go out.
Go to the living room with Walmart and buy your first credit card to avoid tax fraud I serve.
Intelligence 10 months, 10 days of illegal breaking every day

Music department

Johnson Johnson: Brett is back in jail. But do not be forced to repeat it and do not violate the sentence. Go to Las
Then he visits Orlando at Disney World, where he tries to park in the park almost every day. Instead, he was sent back to prison.
In prison, the prison is 76 months.

Brett Johnson: The criminals in white clothes initially threw them out, but they have no criminal record.
Transferring unsafe people like me to the federal house has permission to get out of prison and the original job.
Everything. I got a job outside the church and left for six weeks, and the day is over. I have something, something
My employees send packages that include money, cell phones, IDs and contacts. So, yes, I understand why it is known in advance.
Meanwhile, the United States is blocked in the area and I want to pay more than Ukraine.
I didn’t do it Hello, I got it and I sent it to Texas.

Johnson: Are you in warm clothes and everything?

Brett Johnson: Oh yes, look at me. Suppose my hair is red. I keep a lot of red
Everything. Yes those sweet words that sound to me like something, they look BT and it doesn’t matter to me.

Will Johnson: But they got it.

Brett Johnson: Yeah. They work.

Will Johnson: Then Breitz returns to prison, and you are shocked to find that his father is not alive.

Brett Johnson: I was arrested in the prison where my father was sentenced. Jelly area
He visited me for 10 minutes and asked me if I could do something for you. Interestingly, I told my sister
At the time, he was called Denis and for Denis, I was in Kentucky and Denis at 7:00 a.m. north.
He and Dennis got pregnant, got in the car and drove for 7 hours and watched for 10 minutes.
Shortly after I was sent to prison, I was sentenced to eight months in prison and sent to a Texas prison.
Five more years. Ah, it took me 2 years to get it, I think there will be a reason to make sure
Jill and Emma didn’t do it to help people, I decided to break the law.

Who is Johnson: right? Are you looking for a soul for yourself?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, you want to go because a lot of people go to jail because it’s not cold,
When you are in a bad situation, you need to think about what to do. So you’re going to this place
Yes, you accept what you have done or you have done something wrong and wrong. And I was lucky
I agree. Tell me, CA, I gave you a CA in 2011 and I don’t want to break the law. However, time is running out
The same players were released from prison. So I couldn’t do it during the three-year trial
Information. So I had a job pushing the grass bike and I was happy. I received $ 400
I did it for a week and I was fine. I finished the hall with air.

The music continued

Will Johnson: At that time, Brett met and got married, but when he returned to work, he went back to work.
The best.

Britt Johnson: Michelle is working. It only makes money. I think it’s necessary
anything else. I have something. It must be, it should be. So I went online, got a stolen credit card and started working
If I order food, I will be arrested and returned to prison within 10 months. Michelle, I’m with her. (Drowned)
Sorry, he didn’t talk about it, he didn’t hesitate, he was.

Will Johnson: Looks like it’s the latest and most important thing – something started in jail by phone
Like the weak Michelle. He decided to do everything right.

Brett Johnson: I travel all over LinkedIn with myself. One of the biggest cyber criminals, you know, is the one most affected
The cyber crime has led to the Pittsburgh massacre so far. I sent her a message
Hi LinkedIn, I respect everything you do. I think you did a good job, I respect it
So I want to do my job legally. The man believed in me.

Johnson: Brett does a great job of starting a new life. Discussions on legal services began,
Share everything they know about the internet and business. Learn the secrets of the little website today
This has helped it become the most important website today.

. E Ha yM.
There are about four thousand. On July 5 of last year, Alpha Bay closed its website in a dark, dark way. The Japanese?
The site has 120 members.

Music section

Will Johnson: And think of the person who started the internet, to know that person.
The first tongue. Is there someone you don’t see today?

Brett Johnson: Yeah, I don’t mean anyone else. Sorry, I’m not an autonomous person
something else. The man is still there. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. I am
At the time, I didnt think he cared about it. But I think I was lucky to know he knew me
This incident applies to others, you know, I’ve suffered a lot. I stole, I stole a stranger, I stole a stranger
I do not care. Hmmm, I think I was a bad person back then. And Im not saying thats okay
Im human now, but Im good and Im just trying, I cant change, but I can
I think from now on you can be sure that my future decisions will be useful and safe.

No music

Will Johnson: And I live with Frank Abagne, an AARP fraudster. So there is a lot of fraud and deception
It does not work as a list of people who do not have a phone number, program, etc.
In addition, without exception

Frank Abagnale: When it comes to sales, I always tell people that money comes in two forms. In the form of money
Data, earn marketing data on the black internet and share information about it
The internet is black. The chat room was like adding ribbons to a typewriter.
The screen shown on it is now very heavy.

Is Johnson: Asking my audience if your debit card was stolen?
Whatever it is, your bank account number and care, yes, a black page is possible
We do this

Frank Abagnal: You know my philosophy. When I can’t pay, I talk and write.
A cat. I use a credit card. Only for debit cards, credit card, visa, master card, American Express, debit card. Sunday
I really use the money I make in my life. I didn’t spend any money. My money stays in the money market, so
Interested news. Nobody knows where he was exposed. I came to the store with my credit card
If I delete them from my credit card. I’m on my plane tomorrow with my credit card. You have to do this now
The protection of my number is great, but if someone takes my number tomorrow and pays me a million dollars in debt
In the fourth law, my duty is zero. If I use my credit card and pay part of the bill or bills
The results are increasing and I am accumulating debt. There you have a debit card and a debit card when you show up
You steal money from your bank account. And in the next 20 years you can use this debit card about 10 times
You will not increase your debt an inch per day. It’s always there. So I use a credit card. When I buy it
I was expecting something online and offline. If I buy something online, they won’t give it back to me
Wait. When I go online and the website is just a myth and if I order something and don’t find it, I’m protected. Then I always
Really, I don’t care about my credit card in this dark place because I don’t have a problem with this card.
I have informed the credit card company that I will not submit it within 30 days of receipt
My comment, I have no problem with the books.

It’s Johnson: What about the money? Earn money?

Frank Abagnal: I need my bank card. I do not want a master visa. I agree
No reduction.

Will Johnson: These are older boys.

Frank Abagnal: All right.

Will Johnson: I think it was the same as before

Frank Abgnell: They still do. So I was informed that the bank only needs one ATM card.

Will Johnson: Okay, so use the Tech Franks Advisor credit card and get an ATM.

Frank Abagnal: All right. If you travel with me, don’t believe me, I’ll come back
I’m a foreigner, I want to make money from a car, I use Visa or MasterCard. They blame me but they blame me
This is cheap insurance and no one can access my bank account, they have access to my visa account.

Will Johnson: I’m happy with our comments and suggestions, our Facebook fan Jane Baum
Facebook Page, Fraud Management Network’s Facebook Page, and ways to change business models and make money.
Especially. So he was careful, but in his case, he wanted to join us now.

Wealth and fear

Johnson: Jane, thanks for coming back.

Jane Shyam: Thank you, thank you for accepting.

Johnson: You have a plan. Jane Beam, Al.

Jane Beam: Ah, yes.

Will Johnson: Crazy Jen Beam.

Jen Bam: I don’t think so. I work with fake webmasters and scams on my daily Facebook page,
and cut.

Will Johnson: It can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Tell us what happened too.

Jen Beam: Well, yes, yes, I work hard and cheat, so I’m in the habit of checking credit card accounts.
I still pay. Its the database and I think I did it right.
The next morning I check my credit card details and ask to borrow from my monthly salary twice a month. Here it is
Both are $ 19.95 per square foot, I see red. I think I was really lost because I started with TransUnion
I think I respect them because they pay their loans
for me, so I was just happy, so I didnt think. All I have to do is make a list of 800
and pay my mortgage . I’ll check your description, cute kid on the phone,
Really, I voted, I was like OHHH, I immediately called on the phone and I immediately called on the credit card.
the only company I have to do.

[: 00

Jen Beam: Please follow me on

Will Johnson: Well, thank you very much. Thanks to Frank Abagnell, Governor of the Anti-Fraud Network.

Frank Abagnell: Well, Will. Thanks for finding me.

Johnson: More information and resources protect you or your loved ones from problems
For fraud, contact AARP Network Fraud, Congratulations on Youth Group Corruption. Julie Getz, Brooke
Ellis, Steve Bartlett’s music camera, recorded by Julio Gonzlez. For the most expensive AARP, Im Will Johnson.

We found it in the original copy of Shiny

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