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Bestseller Flint24 arrested by the FSB for violating the gold law

darknet Bestseller Flint24 arrested by the FSB for violating the gold law
Darknet Bestseller Flint24 arrested by the FSB for violating the gold law

Russia is suing 25 people for stolen credit card information. Memories of Russian tyrants: And more about the end of the country
in your own fear.

The Russian government is blind to cybercrime
when they know they are strangers
the application of land laws in this case
difficult to judge.

> This company is run by market managers
CarderBazar as a platform for advertising GoldenShop / BuyBest and more
glass and broken new business card

But the government did not allow the authors to criticize the Russians, and independent officials did not oppose the Russian

Unfortunately for some local teams, they dont seem to understand this message.

On Tuesday the Russian Federal Security Service, known as the FSB
This was announced by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
More than 30 people have been arrested in 11 regions of the country
Including Moscow, Crimea and St. Petersburg. Then the authorities
Twenty-five people have been charged with selling stolen credit and debit cards
Russian and foreign financial institutions.

Authorities reported those, including Russia
Citizens of Ukraine and Lithuania created more than 90 online
Protect them from selling stolen data and stolen card information
Buy and sell things with over a million dollars. Officials say
He was abducted while searching the suspects’ home
Guns, illegal drugs, gold bars, coins, silver: $ 1
One million dollars and 3 million rubles ($ 39,000).

The FSB said one of the inmates was already in jail for similar acts. Maybe that man is Alexi
Stroganov named Flint 24, and his name was published in the blog Live Journal, along with a list of other suspects.
Court details. Stroganov was sentenced to six years in prison for cardiac crimes
He was convicted in 2006 and released in 2008.

Stroganov’s arrest was upheld by the Supreme Court in Morgav.

Russian authorities have not called for the closure of the cybercrime market.

But at the same time there was a black market, the popular network, known as BuyBest, also had the mirrors closed.
Gemini Advisor, a fraud intelligence company, said in an offline blog post that BuyBest was known for selling for millions of
Most payment information includes a large amount of personal information related to GoldenShop.

BuyBest also has BinGo and Gemini network crimes, counseling Gemini Yohoho.

Bibst and GoldenShop are mirrors, ie they sell
Credit card information is available from the same source
Such groups are often led by advisors.
He says. This shows that the hacker ring works well and is part of
Since then, offline mirrors have been adopted under Russian law

According to Mithun’s advice, Beebst first surfaced in 2013 and is expected to reappear.
This site has a market profit of 18 million
Employment for workers, more than 52 million people
Who submitted the theft papers on site?

The marketplace is notorious for selling misinformation, often the victim’s social security number, date of birth, IP
User and vendor addresses. Some user records are available about the victim’s crime at multiple locations
Suppliers like Caribou Coffee and Russell Stove.

Cardburger forum
Interestingly, Bibrate has its own discussion forum.

Service Most market is underground
Black websites, but some of them have their own meetings, twins
According to consultants. Market managers choose the meeting
CarderBazar, as a standard publication, hosts GoldenShop / BuyBest and all
Ideas, and ads for selling new documents
CarderBazar’s information has another addition to the offense as well

Flint24 and large groups can control open sites such as and, among others
In other words, pages that are, in other words, can only be viewed through the darknet and the missing Tor browser.

Book method: a book sold by the Russian Federation
Gemini Advisory says he seems to be the most Russian citizen
Cyber Crime Forum, BuyBest marketplace prohibits the sale of charges
Cards issued by Russian banks. Stroganov and we do not know
Other hackers are targeting Russian businesses, says the company. If they win
Information can be found in over 90 mirrors,
Who can maintain for law enforcement.

He said it was another space for conference managers to hold competitions. Russia pays the bills
He said recent markets had undergone significant changes, following last year’s fraud.
On the dark side of BrianClub, you can see their inaugural Mr. Green marketplace.

Putin lectures on pain
He was arrested after President Vladimir Putin ordered the State Department to intervene online.
Gary Warner, director of job search and computers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

In a speech to the Russian parliament earlier this month, Putin said: “I call for a reduction in this process.
Number of such crimes

Warner said: “You know what would happen if President Putin issued this order.
Plaintiffs are reducing cybercrime
Is it Russia? NESDB started getting inside

Ifiyaje kuna.
Success stories are hard to find because of the limitations.
Russian government officials often accused him of cybercrime.

The most notable was in October 2013, when government officials, many of whom were nominated, announced Punch’s arrest.
reportedly Dmitry Evgenievich Fedotov, 27. At that time, Singapore’s IB group was also called Fedotov
developed the popular Blackhole Exploitation Kit, a type of criminal booking program
$ 500 per month. Cold user. and corporate execution of the malware.

He then informed the Ministry of the Interior.
The action of the Blackhole network resulted in a $ 2.1 million fraud
against Russian banks.

Clearly: Russia is haunted by unsuspecting foreign targets
it is preparing abroad, because the Russian government is not returning to them
urban people. But the Russians said so, who decided to look for Russian women
its destruction.

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