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Authorities seized local Farmville and seized $ 19 million in bitcoins

darknet Authorities seized local Farmville and seized $ 19 million in bitcoins
Darknet Authorities seized local Farmville and seized $ 19 million in bitcoins

Last updated July 20, 2019

The government seized 25,5 million dollars from drug dealers who paid for services.
Cryptocurrency at a dark place called Silk Road.

This was stated by the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York
The estate agent, 60-year-old Hugh Brian Hani Olio, was arrested near Columbus. Haney in 2017 and 2018
It is alleged that bitcoin exchanged drug money into the account of a company that owned Silk Road.
In exchange for bitcoins and other cryptocurrency trading. He mistakenly thought that the source of these bitcoins came from me.

Haney was charged with fraud and forging an exchange for money.
Cleaning the house. The first phase commemorates 20 years of imprisonment and the next 12 years
The clouds.

According to Melenes, a national security research specialist, the HCC special agent uses blockchain.
Take the analysis and shadow rights of the web to receive and receive Bitcoin for $ 19 million.
South in New York City

Original notice of USE

> American Ambassadors in Berman County in southern New York and Special Agent Melanes
District security officers are responsible for the New York immigration and compliance office.
(HQ) Announcements to General Brian Honey have been arrested and released.
Illegal drugs and other illegal assets and money from your website on a hidden website called Drugs.
Retailers and webmasters generally come to buy and sell services. They were arrested in Columbus, Ohio, in the morning.
He appeared before a criminal judge in the southern Ohio area.

United States Attorney Orney Jeffrey S. Berman says: Offices are closed to our legal partners.
Cars, online pharmacy, kidnapping and other criminal activities are protected.
Hach Honey uses silk to sell medicines to people in the world. Then you will spend more of your money.
Today’s arrest of more than $ 19 million in a digital currency should serve as a warning to drug traffickers in the dark.
Especially when they try to make money illegally, they cannot remain anonymous.

HSI Special Representative Angel M. Melendez said: In 2013, the Treaty was removed from the business and due to Cyber
Offenders have been looking for ways to further their criminal activity and, more importantly, launder their illegal digital
profits. Hannes
accused one of the perpetrators, still in cyber heat. The HSI special agent works on the blockchain
Analytics to discover and capture bitcoins for $ 19 million and more Honey from the dark shadow of justice on the Internet
South of New York.

According to them, in this day there is no talk

Silk Road is designed to represent online business transactions outside the realm of credibility or governmental authority.
The exchange of cryptocurrency can only end with the help of bitcoin cryptocurrency. In his two and a half years
The Tobacco Use Program is used by thousands of drug dealers and other unauthorized individuals to distribute hundreds of pounds.
Illegal drugs and other illegal products and services for more than 100,000 users and hundreds of millions of dollars in laundry
has an unauthorized deposit. In total, the site generated more than $ 9.5 million in VAT

A well known drug dealer on Silk Road is called Farmville. Farmville owners are dedicated to the community
of those who usually engage in medicine. Drug agents and agents have done too much
The drug, including Okicontin, came from Farmville in 2011 and 2012. Said before court potential
HSI representatives found evidence that in 2018, HANEI was the chief executive or manager of the HANEI building in Ohio.
Farmville is involved in a major drug trade along Silk Road.

Because the Silk Road payment system requires the Bitcoin Bank to access the facility, every user must have an account.
Businessmeme Business Page: Consumers sell products, including silk products, each with its own silk.
Bitcoin addresses or multiple addresses are familiar to users of silk accounts. When the work is done, a
Customers are reimbursed by another user for clearing Bitcoins for user capabilities.
Consumers send their Bitcoin Silk Road address to another Bitcoin address on the Silk Highway, such as Bitcoin
Customers will check it out once.

In 2017 and 2018, Messi moved to Bitcoins to showcase the drugs he purchased from the Pharmville administration.
Silk Road is the expense of the company involved in the exchange of bitcoin and other digital currencies (Project -1). thank you
As for Company 1, Hahn lied that the source of Bitcoin was Bitcoins
How to make new bitcoin, use the internet and where they are at the center
In that area, Bitcoins have been removed from the Silk Road cash transfer. Through this bank, Han has transferred more than $ 18
billion to Bitcoins
HSI financed the purchase of the company’s first registered office.
Bank-1 is located in southern New York.

* * *

60-year-old Hahn was convicted of money laundering in Columbus, Ohio, and is facing about 20 votes.
Long years in prison – little information about money from fraud.
He has been sentenced to 10 years in prison, and the maximum sentence in these cases has been approved by the legislature and
adopted here.
If a judge declares that a judge has been found guilty, the purpose will be known.

Berman appreciated the excellent research success of HSI.

The case is being pursued by a money laundering office and a multinational crime company. U.S. Assistant
The plaintiffs were Samuel L. Mason. Raymond and Tara M. I am indebted to Lamalto.

The allegations stated in the indictment are only allegations and the defendants are guilty, preserved, and assumed until the
crime is proven.

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