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Authorities in Finland have suspended the Darknet website

darknet Authorities in Finland have suspended the Darknet website
Darknet Authorities in Finland have suspended the Darknet website

Turn off the Darknet network
Cibulikanawa was closed in a dark place with the help of Finnish police and police
This site is a platform for drug traffickers and consumers without fear of fraud, trafficking and commerce.


This site was rejected in 2017. However, on November 1. This information was published in a Finnish law in 2018. June 7
Be strong.

Cyphilocanova first appeared online in 2014. March 13 And is one of the most powerful drug sites in Finland.


Internet management work in cultural mazes in 2017
Alias Kstasikouppa, who was in the original investigation, was reported on the spot.

All this was discovered after the death of Alias Daupingkoup in 2016, after the Sipilukawa customs officers closed their

Police immediately arrested a man who managed the black boss boss of the Internet.

Prisoners assisted the police in the case against Oct Sascarpar.

Information about the sale of the drug Ecstasy Sipilukanavas market encourages Kappa period to contact the seller.
Classification of goods delivery services.

It is unclear which service is sent over the phone, but it is common to use encrypted messaging services.
Trading in the Darknet market.

Because they are so quiet and quiet, they have become popular.

Just because free messaging services are bad doesn’t mean they are chosen to use them.
Communicate regularly with those involved in marketing.

October 31 to November 1, 2017
[National Office
Investigative Disclosure (NBI), a Special Investigation Report from the Helsinki Police Department, and actions taken
The warrants are believed to have been issued to the leaders behind Sipilukanawa in Wanta, Finland.

They know that they follow a very real set of rules and have collected a lot of technical evidence of complaints.
Cipulicinova and my medicine.

They even protect the Internet.


An interview with a detector in a dark room was suspicious.

The man, who had an account with a dark internet provider, was later arrested by police.

The two suspects were not accused but were accused of drug trafficking
Helping and combating alcohol abuse.

Based on basic research, it was determined that the crimes were committed in the period 2016-2017; Then there is the cure
With market share on this site, the business has grown.

Terrorists must take part in 37 serious crimes against drugs.

The consumer, a 45-year-old IT consultant, may be charged for the rental
The drug because it creates space for the location and monitors its activities.

Police also seized the employee’s web server; A server is available for backup
Go to the page.

The receiver may be on the backup server as he or she thinks it is safe and wants to secure it.
Look, but it’s going down, so you need to know if it’s breaking the law.

Because you run the server without the permission and knowledge of the owner, the interrupt is not interrupted.

How are you doing
Website design can be a forum for leading many discussions on various topics.

The person concerned with maintaining the site is thinking about other things. He initially broke a section of the market
Then it is used for drug money.

The market devices are the main dark market: customers advertise their products by sending the correct information.
About the product and its accessories, with a brief description of the product, the image, the price and the size.
Message documents to reach customers.

Users also have the possibility to promote their content and personalize their favorite messages through their identifier.

With spam, customers and vendors communicate well.

In 2016, web developers increased their market share by dividing it into other categories.
Places; This already improves the quality.

They want to have it
[This is legal.
To be suitable for a group of technical data linked to Sipulikanawa has been identified and collected.
And a little For those who know or know dark networks in general, that should be obvious
Ironically, there is a drug trade. Sipulikawa is one of many dark lands on the internet.
The suspect is guilty or committed to conducting an illegal business. The most famous history
The black market has Hansa, Alpha Bay and Silk Road, but according to the international drug review report
[Do not buy
Online drugs are more popular in Finland than in other countries. Studies show that 46% of respondents buy Finland and drugs.
The dark side marked the difference between him and England for 25, then 25 points from United.
18%, Germany 7% and Denmark 5%, according to security expert Juha Noormi. The scene is dark.
Approximately 10,000 visitors entered the number of people who visited their best Finnish network.
It is better to work illegally.
Steps in enforcing Finnish law in the fight against crime in the dark

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