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Authorities have arrested Farmville Silkroot dealer who owns $ 19 million worth of bitcoins

darknet Authorities have arrested Farmville Silkroot dealer who owns $ 19 million worth of bitcoins
Darknet Authorities have arrested Farmville Silkroot dealer who owns $ 19 million worth of bitcoins

Updated on July 20, 201

The government has arrested millions of people from a resource accused of taking money
An unknown place is known as the cryptocurrency and the path of love.

Cancel the United States law firm. Advertise New York County
Hugh Brian Marsh, 0, from Columbus, Ohio, announced his arrest on Thursday. 2010 and 201 201, Hin
Bitcoin prescriptions represent medicines derived from silk
Convert Bitcoine and other currencies. He said that the origin of this bitcoin came from mining.

Henny has been accused of money laundering and corporate accounting
Unused resources. The previous number was 20 years in prison and more than the past 10 years

Michael Mildeze, Special Agent in Regional Security Research (HSI), says the HSI team is open
We invest 19 million bits in search and capture
New York, Southeast.

USO Recommendations

> Jeffrey S. Ben, Esq. E. Attorney of the State of New York and against Angela M.; Melendez
Police are responsible for the New York Immigration and Immigration Office in the United States
(HSI) has announced the arrest and kidnapping of Brian Hanei, who has been convicted of money laundering.
Medicines continue to operate at the “tokens”, which have the nerve label, the importance of drugs and other products
Services are often bought and sold by online stores and customers. This morning the mail was received near Columbus, Ohio;
The story was reported to an Ohio County judge.

United States Tails. Jeffrey, Esq. Berman reports working with fishermen in our captain’s office.
There are many missing areas in government, drugs, theft and criminal activity. Add
Hu uses the Silk Road to sell wood to people around the world. Therefore, it is said to increase its value
More than 19 million cryptocurrencies. Inmates must know about their drugs online
They cannot be named, even if they try to prove that they have no income.

MSI, Angel M. Mendes, the special agent, said: The Silk Road was disrupted in 2013, so the internet has calmed down.
Criminals are looking for ways to commit crimes and, most importantly, to destroy their illegal digital currency. Valentine
He is still claimed to be one of the criminals who owns gold on the internet. A special HSI agent starts the blockchain
Analysis discovers and represents 19-19 million bitcoins and removes Henny from the shadow of justice
In southern New York.

As in the complaint published today

The Silk Road was established as a criminal network outside of coercive or government regulations. All
Silk roads can only be sold using cryptocurrency bitcoins. In the last two and a half years
The Silk Road is used by thousands of drug smugglers and other illegal smugglers to transport hundreds of pounds.
Illegal drugs and other illegal products and services, draining billions of dollars for more than 100,000 customers.
These are the consequences of illegal activities. In total, more than 9.5 million in revenue was generated at this location

Farmville is a drug dealer on Silk Road. Farmville doctors offer a different community.
From people involved in drug trafficking. Drug control agents and officials do this in different ways.
In 2011 and 2012, he monitored the purchase of drugs, including oxycontinate, from Farmville. Based on regulatory approvals
During a 2018 search of Hannibals house in Ohio, HSI agents found evidence that Hannie was superior or an executive.
Farmville, one of the leading drug dealers on Silk Road.

The traditional Silk Road payment system includes local banks, so all customers must have an account
Works on the site. All colored items on the Silk Road, including the line, are for retail sale.
Bitcoin traffic address is associated with a Silk Road user account. After completing the addition
A broker where users can pay and download Bitcoin transactions
Bitcoin traders on the Silk Road send Bitcoin addresses on the Silk Road, for example, Bitcoin
Personal address of trade management.

In 2017 and 2018, HANEY sold a medium-sized bitcoin of drugs purchased under the control of Pretville.
The Silk Road is accounted for by foreign exchange companies (Company-1). Ang
According to Company 1, HANEY is incorrect in claiming that this source of Bitcoin itself is profitable.
The process of systematically making new bitcoins, and some people using the internet, is reliable and usable.
The bitcoins came out after the Silk Road. Hein later sells bitcoins for more than $ 19
Millions of people have grown through HSI Company-1 and the fund has officially closed its last account.
Bank (1) is located in the southern part of New York.


In Colombia, Ohio, 60-year-old Hain was accused of money laundering.
For many years, prison and crime have been the biggest and most famous pact.
Ten years in prison. In this case, the maximum fine is imposed by the General Assembly and listed here.
Judges will abolish the death penalty for informational purposes only.

Berman praised the excellent work done by the HSI test.

The case is being investigated by the Investment Agency and an international criminal organization. American Associate
Lawyers Samuel Raymond and Tara M. Morty was not invited.

The statement’s claims are merely claims, and if the crime has not been proven, the accused is acquitted.

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