Authorities exploited the DarkScandal website for child abuse and arrest of the directors

ALED has arrested international police
The Site Administrator offers “blackmail, rape and coercion”
The girls made black movies all over the world.

Dutch and American. Sin. Authorities arrested a 32-year-old man in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, on Monday (March 9), on suspicion
of possessing and distributing child abuse material, a European country said in a statement.

Europol said the Dutch citizen had been accused of running the website DarkScandals, which contained “brutal videos and material
abuse of children”.

DarkScandals has “over 2000 videos and photos”
Based on Europol’s description of illegal sexual material in Europe
The Cybercrime Center (EC3), which supports the investigation
US Police and intelligence. USA, Germany and
The Netherlands.

Europol writes: “Shame has two options
Find out what’s wrong and what’s wrong. It is packaged in a “package”.
Email Customer Service

“Users can use digital money to pay for packages or put digital video on their website. The dark problem.”

Internet between thoughts and darkness
Website Advanced. 200 million since its establishment.
Leno 2012

The U.S. Law Firm has been abandoned.
Child accused of distributing pornography
Shame and sell.
Join the advertising or publishing business
Sports equipment

OSI Migration Services

Element, Deputy Executive Director of Homeland Security
Based on ICE research.
Mihail Rahim Mohamed sacrifices a person who is not a weak person

“We will work according to the law
The partners should investigate describe all these crimes by all available means
Equipment to care for the most vulnerable victims.
operation “

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