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Authorities confiscated the seller of Silk Road Farmville and confiscated 19 million bitcoins

darknet Authorities confiscated the seller of Silk Road Farmville and confiscated 19 million bitcoins
Darknet Authorities confiscated the seller of Silk Road Farmville and confiscated 19 million bitcoins

Updated July 20, 2019

The government received 19 19 million from drug dealers on money laundering charges.
A digital exchange service in the dark called the Silk Road.

In New York County, a U.S. attorney announced his resignation.
According to the news received on Thursday, businessman Hugh Brian Honey reported near Columbus, Ohio at the age of 60, 2017 and
Many of the drugs in Silicon Valley are said to have been transferred from bitcoins.
Bitcoin trading with other cryptocurrencies, he mistakenly concluded that the actual mining of these bitcoins took place.

Honey has been charged with aggravated assault.
Get Criminal Property The first number can be up to 20 years in prison and the last number can be up to ten years.

National Security Special Agent (HSI) Special Agent Angel M. Returns Responsibility: The special agent works on the HSI
To be fair, identify and analyze 19 million bitcoins and honey without black shadow on the Internet.
From Southern County to New York.

Local USA.

In New York, South American lawyers Grove Free S. Baylor and Angel m. Mendes is an expert
The agency responsible for New York Field Office fees in the United States. Immigration and customs control national security
(HSI) has announced that senior Brian Honey has been arrested and fired on money laundering charges.
Their narcotics are used in a dark place called the Great Silk Road where drugs and other illicit drugs are found.
Vendors and site users are constantly buying and selling services. Haney was arrested this morning near Columbus, Ohio.
And appeared before a Ohio District Court judge.

WE. Attorney Jeffrey S. Our silk office fees work with our law firm, Burman said.
On the streets of the online secret market for illegal drugs, piracy services and various criminal activities. As you said
Hugh Honey uses the streets to sell drugs to people all over the world. It was later confirmed that the more income he hid, the
The arrest of 19 million children with cryptocurrency should be a warning to smugglers who sell their drugs on obscure websites
This doesnt always happen, especially if they are trying to make money illegally.

HSI Special Representative Angel Melndez said: The closure of the Silk Line in 2013 led to the internet.
Criminals are looking for a way to control their criminal activities, especially with money laundering. One thousand
He is alleged to be one of the criminals involved in the cyber gold warehouse. Blockchain is used by individual HSI mouthpieces.
Analyze to find out: We held 19 million Bitcoins while pleading guilty
South New York

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Silk Road is an online crime that is beyond the scope of government and federal law. Everything
SIPQ and bitcoin cryptocurrency trading plans can be achieved. Two and a half years
Silk Road was used by thousands of retailers and other owners to carry hundreds of pounds.
Develop other illegal drugs Other illegal products One hundred million services per 100,000 consumers
It was created as a result of illegal transactions. As a result, the site has more than 9.5 million sales.
A little money.

Famville is the name of the famous Silk Road drug lord. Farmville management is a community initiative
People who buy illegally. To the Police Departments and Officers, Officers,
Farmville drugs were purchased from 2011 to 2012, including OxyContin.
When Haney’s home was inspected in Ohio in 2018, evidence was found that representatives from the HSI were either Haney’s key
members or administrators.
Farmville is involved in major drug trafficking on the Silk Road.

Since the circus payment method is based on bitcoin banking services on the site, all users need to create an account.
The website was changed. Every outlet that wants to sell the items, including marijuana, is on APEC
Bitcoin hours, address or more associated with the Silk Road user account. Upon completion of the transformation, a
Traders remove Bitcoin from here when the user pays and transfers the Bitcoin to the user.
They sell silk addresses on the Silk Road by sending other digital addresses on the Silk Road, such as Bitcoin
Especially for the customer.

In 2017 and 2018, Haney introduced Bitcoins as an anesthesia product purchased through Farmville Control.
Silk Road is an account (Company-1) developed by a company specializing in bitcoin and digital currency exchanges. You.
HANEI, after signing an agreement with Company-1, said it was not appropriate to be at the root of this independent destruction of
How to create new bitcoins, all cryptographic and online, with real people and people inside
Actually taken from Bitcoin Silk Road. Bitcoin is bigger than HANEIs E19
Through millions of businesses, HSI received money from a bank account as part of an illegal loan
Bank-1 is located in the Southern District of New York.

* * *

Hanei, 60, a Columbus, Ohio resident, has received 20 permits and 20 fees.
One year in prison and a sum of money representing a place for criminals
Ten years in exile. The most important line on this issue has been decided by Congress and has been put here.
For information purposes only, the judge chooses the plaintiff’s action.

Mr. Berman in HCI’s leading business.

The Crime and Change Agency is handling the case. US aid
Attorneys Samuel L. Raymond and Tara M. La Mort before the Attorney General.

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