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Authorities closed the Darknet Fine site

darknet Authorities closed the Darknet Fine site
Darknet Authorities closed the Darknet Fine site

Black page
Finland’s dark spot in Spulikanva has been suspended due to efforts along with Finnish customs and police.
This site provides a platform for abusers and consumers to communicate and not be afraid of retaliation.


The site was released on November 1, 2017. However, this post was published on June 7, 2018 under Finnish law.

Cipilukanva went online on March 13, 2014, thus becoming one of Finland’s top drug dealers.


This site was first operated and managed as part of Custom Radar 2017, when it turned out to be used by people.
Ecstasycopa, who lived in a previous study, received drugs through a website.

All this was discovered after the closure of customs suppliers in Sapalkanwe, known in 2016 as Dupenkpa.

Police then arrested people who inadvertently informed the site’s sellers.

The arrest helped the police resolve the Ektasikoppa case.

In the Sipilukanavas market EcstasyCoup section, you should encourage drug dealers to contact the store
Product marketing services.

The messaging service is simple, but the use of messaging services is very popular
Black cases

Although they have real jobs and problems, their popularity is growing.

An anonymous email does not have to be a good person because of the shortcomings and the determination to use it.
Work with clients.

201 – 1 October
[National Office
The investigation is being conducted by the NBI, the Helsinki police chief and the special police chief.
After Sipilukanava, Bhanta, in Finland, ordered a house inspection along with the property.

To resemble many law firms, they discover and compile cases based on criminal evidence.
Sululikanava, with small doses.

They can learn more about how the website is set up and what management tools are used.


Investigators met the suspect in a dark room.

Police later arrested users of the dark site.

Two people who have not yet been charged but who have been charged with drug offenses.
Promote and support drug development.

The cases were filed in 2016 and 201 based on previous trials; This is when I buy drugs
The voice business is part of an online business.

He will face 37 felonies.

Web hosting providers and 45-year management consultants can pay for the demand.
The chemicals used are proof that they are part of the product’s web site and take care of your work.

The police also brought a senior police officer to his office; We believe that the slave is the slave of salvation
For this site.

The suspect may have a rescue server at work because he thinks he is safe here and wants to save him
An eye for it, but then he takes it hard, and was jealous.

I have no obligation to operate the server without its permission and at the discretion of the owner or property.

Modern situation
Web design should be a platform for formal discussion of various topics.

But the man in charge of the web has a different meaning. First came the market area
Then the drug is used.

The The market. The department executes market competition: selling baskets by submitting relevant information
Including photos, prices, prices and a brief description of the product
Message ID to access the service provider.

Customers have the option to manage their needs and send a personal code message.

Buyers and sellers respond enthusiastically using anonymous messages.

In 2016, we will consider the market segmentation in various segments
Area; Help improve efficiency

Drugs in the dark online
[Many rules
He is pleased with the case that has been found and has taken up scientific evidence that includes him with Slagikanbe.
With some medications. Anyone who visits black pages or knows them often goes to jail
Unfortunately, pharmaceutical operations are taking place there. Sipulicanava is another group on the black page
Unintentional removal or unauthorized business license. Well known in history
It is important to note that these are nuts and chains, AlphaBay and Silk Road, but according to the World Wide Web Report.
[Actual price
Drugs on the Internet are very popular in any country in Finland. The study found that 46 percent of Finn’s research findings were
based on the drug
The black Internet, the main difference between them and England, was 25% after the United States
18 percent, Germany 7 percent and Denmark 5 percent. According to Juha Normi, a security expert, the internet is in the dark
Around 10,000 visitors arrive at any given time. Considering how many people visited the black community in Finland
Making an unofficial note, it’s amazing that getting rid of Spulkanava is such a good start
Finnish legal practitioners to fight black people in an online environment.

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