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Austrian teenager asks for thousands of ecstasy pills on the Dark Web

darknet Austrian teenager asks for thousands of ecstasy pills on the Dark Web
Darknet Austrian teenager asks for thousands of ecstasy pills on the Dark Web

Posted on May 27, 2019

A young Australian drug dealer bought thousands of ecstasy pills, amphetamines, LSD and other drugs from black sellers.
On the Internet, officials found this in late March.

According to reports from the Upper Austrian Federal Police, the arrest of a 16-year-old boy at the incident led to Braunau.
note that a local child, other than their parents, has successfully distributed drugs
house in the same town. Police found and arrested a young man at the railway bridge on the night of March 29th.
question it. During the transition period, the 16-year-old revealed details he owed to reporters.

Police, young people on the bridge
trivial but still a number of illegal ecstasy pills
About one. Opportunity to be convicted of a crime and imprisoned
Once, a 16-year-old boy answered an inspectors question. Sanoo
the police sold the happiness he had received from him
in the backpack. Although police have not heard of the alleged drug trafficking
readily available before they are communicated to young people
An hour later, the suspect was questioned for the first time.

According to a press conference, police found the suspect’s path while he was riding on a bike that was recently stolen.
The police stopped him and took the bike. The other 16-year-old business bag contains 22 e-pills and
The shape or crystal shape is set by the police in small amounts like MDMA. After the imprisonment of violators of trade a
When the bike was recovered, the police drove to the building where the young man lived. They searched his room in house
Various illegal drugs are rarely found in adolescent sleep disorders.

Police found 932 ecstasy tablets with the same label, and 132 electronic pills from various brands in the first batch.
MDMA tablets and more than 20 grams of hallucinogenic bees, and the number of mushrooms is unknown, according to police.
Young electronics designed for researchers under the age of 16
It is confirmed that the drug suspect possesses at least 1800 different drugs through almost every Dark Web.
Honey is forbidden and pills of ecstasy. Some medicines contain codeine or other iodine. Young people can buy it too
At least 250g of hash, 75g of amphetamines, coin with multi-unit, vases, morphine, ribbons, LSD and mini wires.
Hall leucinogenic drug suspect has found evidence in support of his personal use.
mushroom; He wants the authorities to know that he has no intention of selling drugs.
During a police search

During interrogation, the 16-year-old suspected drugs trafficking said:
Austrian officials have said they intend to buy it illegally.
Rhea uses the Dark Web to import foreign articles into Stria
Thus the market accelerated the import of medicines accordingly.
The police buy drugs from young people and sell it to others.
Young people in Upper Ria Stria, as well as 16 years old.
On the same day, the drug dealer was sent to jail.
Costs associated with distributing the subscriber line
The materials and possessions of the first bike were stolen by the young men
He was tasked to be a controlled being
He had one bullet in his hand

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