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Australian police are investigating the arrest and detention of 16 children

Sixteen people from five countries have been charged with more than 700 juvenile offenders after a two-year investigation
Interested in U.S. county security investigations.

In 2018, US officials will often warn the Australian authorities after their investigation
This is a site where users take advantage of child abuse.

Australian investigators conducted 18 search results and arrested 16 people in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and the
Australia and Western Australia no. 738

Authorities released four Australian children, three in New South Wales and one in Detective Victoria Queensland
Observer Denzel Clark of the Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse Group said he was strengthening law enforcement cooperation with their
The city-wide response is very important to protect children from online crime.

The Queensland Police Department will share our experience and work at the national, government, and cooperative levels.
International partners for those who need special care in our society.

Researcher Clark said Argos researchers monitor the online forum that sets the lion daily.
Try to force the ball

But parents and guardians are the main supporters of the international war on child sexual exploitation and must be investigated.
They check the electronic devices their children use and the online services.

The process will begin in the next few months.

A few weeks ago, AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw revealed this, with blackouts and online advertising.
Violence against children is a change that is happening among children in COVID 19 and has encouraged parents to take a close look
at it.
Online work for kids.

Public safety spokesman Adam Parks said they were arrested at a crucial time.

Kids learn online, communicate and work with friends and family more than ever
The game says.

This is a warning that COVID-19 is not a legal risk and will be looked after by our children in Australia.
In the United States. and online.

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