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Assange has been charged with 17 counts of espionage

darknet Assange has been charged with 17 counts of espionage
Darknet Assange has been charged with 17 counts of espionage

Updated September 1, 2019

Julian is the founder of WikiLeaks
Assange was arrested Tuesday at 5 p.m. for violating intelligence rules
This event was created in 2010 to order and publish previously purchased information
Chelsea Manning, Private Member of the Armed Forces and Army.

Low cost
Assange is an electrician and a criminal
Critics have made a difference and interfered with sanctity.
Assange, for example, was accused of asking for separate information and groups
About Manning, who used his license to restrict access to information in the United States.
Problems related to the care of prisoners during the Afghan-Iraq conflict

He encouraged Manning to pick up stolen books and read them
Defendant requested passwords from a military computer. In the evening
He looked at my password and knew what he understood,
Manning usually ends up on WikiLeaks
Sources with US information on national security
Government obtained from confidential information.

Manning finally paid guilty to 10 of the 23 saints.
he met him and was sentenced to seven years before President Obama took office

Assange’s latest decision on cybercrime was announced in April
Mediation in the USA. The founder of Wikileaks has been strongly arrested and deported from the UK. Private police lawyer
It was a rally for seven years.

The founder of WikiLeaks fled with his spokesman to prevent the US from adopting him. For the personnel program and s
The Swedish government, for example, has called for an investigation into teenage rape.

Assange and WikiLeaks became the site for the 2016 election after posting thousands of stolen emails from Russia.
Activities of the National Democratic Committee (DNC) and other democratic interests. Emails are stored in a secure stream
He was believed to have harmed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The allegations against Assange have nothing to do with the actions taken in 2016.
An election.

With reference to
Click on the website of the Ministry of Justice to publish information about the department
Be careful
In short, the government will open the door to reveal the secrets of journalists
Information or information not collected by the government.

However, John Dimmers is the head of the National Union
The Home Security Department told reporters that Assange was not a journalist and that he was
Fingers went for information.

Agents, journalists or others are not responsible
He will publish the names of people he knows
The secrets of the origin of the army are particularly weak
Stop, said Dimers. The department is taking action
Democratic reports are available and we thank you. Not so
The policy of the units is to go directly to the account.

After refusing to testify, he remained in prison for more than 90 days
I told Assange
In 2010, we will continue to have full and exclusive responsibility for such publications.
He said the government has accepted the request
Last week, in the face of my contempt case. This system describes journalists
As an enemy of the opposition and the people.

The government has accused him of using a sword and expressed his willingness to do so
All the state authorities are against the same organization that wants to protect us
Although intense.

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