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Assange has been charged under the laws of 17 countries.

May 1, 2019

Julian, founder of WikiLeaks
On Tuesday, 17 cases were filed against Assange
Prior to 2010, there was no law on the collection and dissemination of confidential information
Chelsea Manning, soldier and intelligence officer.

Against charge
Find heroes who celebrate Assange, defenders and criminals
Critics have expressed concern about the sanctity of the fence in early change.
For example, they claim that Assange was seeking information or secrets
The United States is boldly using it to obtain information that can be revealed to the United States from Manning.
Operation and treatment of war prisoners during the war in Afghanistan and Iraq

He told Manning to keep stealing the paper,
Passwords are encrypted on armed computers. Assange
Work, know, understand and agree to change passwords
Manning was illegally arrested and found on WikiLeaks
Confidential information includes information about national security
He said he received confidential information.

Manning was eventually convicted of 10 of the 22 crimes
President Obama sentenced him to seven years in prison for the trip
Her fault

Assange was not included in the latest indictment over computer execution plans
The United States was attacked. The founders of the British special police WikiLeaks were arrested and forced to leave the
He was sentenced to seven years in prison.

WikiLeaks founder Manning has refused to continue the initiative in the United States
The Swedish government wants to question him while investigating the rape of a teenager.

Assange and WikiLeaks have been criticized since the 2016 election, when thousands of emails were stolen from Russia.
The interests of the participants in the National Democratic Committee (NSC) and other democrats. The email runs continuously
The loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016 is not far off.

The allegations against Scouse have nothing to do with his actions in 2016

The Ministry of Justice released the information
Great concern
Governments have opened the door to this case by suspecting journalists
The information has not been approved by the government.

But John Demer, who heads the national delegation
He told defense officials that Assange was not a journalist
This is called a finger.

He is an expert, not a journalist
Fortunately, I know who I am
– They expose the secret resources of the people in the war zone and with great care
Accident, Demer said. The room is too big
We thank our journalists for our democracy. That will never happen
The report is led by the Ministry.

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He was jailed for more than 90 days for refusing to testify.
I spoke against Assange
In 2010, it is fully and exclusively responsible for this information.
He says the government has already accepted the allegations.
I do not agree with the government’s press release last week
Opposition party and enemy of the people.

This is true
He accused the government of using the law as a sword and wanted to force it.
Defend a power of attorney against an institution
From these violations.

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