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Arrested for selling over 2,500 credit cards

San Jose PD arrested two East Bay men at the Safeway service station on Ivory Coast. They use fake credit cards
Purchase price for petrol 7 1,700.

San Jose police have arrested 26-year-old Dintani Adams and 28-year-old Dianodre Miles in Pittsburgh.
After seeing a businessman with a fake credit card number, this time to buy a lot of gasoline
Safeway gas station on Kotel Road.

Officials received a call from the credit company that the two were at around noon.

Police suspect that gas has been spilled on both trucks and an external tank
7 1,700.

The suspects obtained credit card information from a dark network.

Police said their fraud department will investigate Adams and Miles and what happened to him.
Join San Jose and other similar events.

The detainees were arrested in Santa Clara County Jail in connection with a major theft of credit cards held by retail thieves.
Intention to commit a crime and steal an identity card

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