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Apple makes no difference: iPhone sends data to advertisers while they sleep

Updated July 18, 2019

pple says: What can happen with iPhone, stay on iPhone, sis
History speaks differently. Cupertino distorts the understanding of psychiatrists
When the Washington Post collapsed
said several well-known programs, including the Washington Post program, send more information to the following companies.

TWP Jeffrey Fowler and colleague Disconnect conducted a survey and found that popular programs like
Microsoft OneDrive, Spotify, Nike and IBM use the method to send users the latest updates.
your personal information, including phone addresses, email addresses and IP addresses of companies and research companies.

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Not surprisingly, it uses plugins to manipulate customer and data
his works, but his sufficiency proved to be astonishing.
In a Fowlers survey, it was found that 5,500 subscribers had written about the flower.
within a week.

Depending on the change, the amount of data observed by observers this month is around 1.5 GB, which is huge.

I found a directory of business directories that submit data to it.
A minute and a program for citizens on crime in the region
It provides an identity that violates your privacy.

Use enhanced security control in Sa Safari and Windows
Limited iPhones offer limited ad tracking options
Default: hard drive to recover data from iPhone. However, if the request is accepted
It contains information that cannot be known and for whom
The information is available to the company

He suggests Apple add controls to iOS for clarity
Learn how to use the data and when it will be listed in the app
Colleagues run in the background.

Do you think Apple is any different from Google in terms of personal information? Express your thoughts in the comments.

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