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Apple is no different: iPhone sends data for advertising during sleep

Updated July 18, 2019.

Conclusion: the things that happen on the iPhone are always on your iPhone.
The report says otherwise. Giants of Cupertino have big secrets
It was as bad as the Washington Post
Many well-known programs, including the Washington Post, say they publish a lot of information for the companies that support it.

TWP Jeffrey Fowler did a joint study with a consulting company and found that the most popular articles were ambitious.
Microsoft Weather Channel OneDrive, Spotify, Nike, and IBM use types of iPhone devices to send users.
Your information, phone numbers, email addresses and IP addresses of sales and research companies.

No wonder the program uses commercial and rain products to change
Your products But the pace is incredible
A Fowlers investigation revealed that 5,400 requests for data had been requested.
For a week

According to Disconnect, the amount of hidden data in the track data is 1 per month. GB is GB, which is a lot.

Find a Business Directory Services app to transfer data via a tracker
Every minute minutes and citizens, crime scene locations
Report to a specific person who violates your privacy policy.

Also use Safari to monitor your security
Available only when iPhone management options are turned off
Calm down It’s hard to get data from your iPhone, but once you’ve got the request
You get the data, you don’t know how to use it and you have nothing
How much data the company has stored.

Demonstrates that Apple can improve iOS management to increase transparency
About the data and icons used in the application
The tracker is running in the background.

Do you think Apple is different from Google in terms of privacy? Let us know in the comments.

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