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Apple has been accused of selling iTunes information to other parties

July 18, 2019

Today, almost every company, Apple, faces some major personal issues. Opens the action section
A lawsuit alleges that the company deliberately disclosed peoples iTunes information to a third party.

The lawsuit was filed by two people, one in Rhode Island and one in Michigan. For the first time, Blueberg said
Apple may intercept or share voice information without the user’s permission. May contain information such as name, age
Address Select iTunes Music History

According to security guards, about 136 details were added to the 1,000 lists
For example, people may have a list of third-party names
It applies to all single women over the age of 70.
More than 80,000 music at home
Apple only does this through the iTunes Store mobile app.

Sharing requires additional oversight in the future
The applicant has an opinion. In addition, the third party will make this situation more difficult
Add more information to users. He says
The list of users is given to a third party payment provider

This applies to all affected iTunes users
Special events. Need $ 250 / – payment for Rhode Island each
And $ 5,000 / Michigan user.

He says!
Apple uses Looga data needs by improving the device
No unauthorized person. 2016 David Benson
He describes the problem of the company and writes it on his blog.
However, Apple announced the decision eight months later
iOS 10:

I have not talked about recent events. Finally,
However, Apple has always presented itself to the public as a company
This protects the privacy of users does not write unwanted information

After Apple released a new device for monitoring human activities, this description does not appear in this description. Join us
to see
How things go wrong in this case.

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